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04Dec, 2018
Hell yeah! Second Chicago American Steel show added with The Lillingtons! Early show.

30Nov, 2018
Twangville added face to face to their 2018 playlist!

28Nov, 2018
Lou from SICK OF IT ALL lists his top ten albums of 2018. Read it here!

27Nov, 2018
Leftöver Crack tour starts today in Pittsburgh!

21Nov, 2018
We got festival line-up announcements comin’ out our ears over here. Punk Rock Holiday and Punk Rock Bowling. Now that’s some shit to be thankful for.

20Nov, 2018
Check out this review of the new Useless ID 7".

20Nov, 2018
Me First and the Gimme Gimmes are heading to the land of wombats and roo’s! Need a hint? Head here for the deets.

14Nov, 2018
More killer reviews for the new Sick Of It All album! Wake The Sleeping Dragon! out NOW!

13Nov, 2018
The rumors are true!

09Nov, 2018
Good Riddance are cruising down the East Coast right now!

06Nov, 2018
CJ Ramone is currently tearing it up in South America! Get the rest of his dates right here!

02Nov, 2018
face to face just announced their 1st annual Acoustic Three On The Tree shows today!

01Nov, 2018
The Punk Site reviewed Direct Hit’s new release! Order Crown Of Nothing now!

31Oct, 2018
The reviews don’t lie. The new Sick Of It All album shreds! Wake The Sleeping Dragon! comes out Friday!

30Oct, 2018
Check out this interview with Lou from Sick Of It All on their new album, Wake The Sleeping Dragon!OUT FRIDAY!

24Oct, 2018
Hey Europe, Mad Caddies are heading your way in early 2019.

23Oct, 2018
PEARS recently put together a rousing rendition of the classic Camptown Races. Doo-dah, doo-dah.

23Oct, 2018
Everyone’s favorite punk-rock policeman, Officer Bradford, is pulling off his uniform for Planned Parenthood. You can enjoy pictures of his peeled-down physique year-round by picking up his new calendar. And, if you’re the type that likes intellectual stimulation just as much as visual, Bradford goes in depth about all the details here.

19Oct, 2018
Did you hear? Good Riddance is heading to the East Coast this November! Party.

18Oct, 2018
Scope this interview with Brain from Night Birds! Don’t miss their banger shows this weekend! Dates here.

17Oct, 2018
Punkers! The FEST is rapidly approaching. Check out the schedule here!

12Oct, 2018
Watch! New video from Bad Cop/Bad Cop performing “Amputations” on Live From The Rock Room!

09Oct, 2018
The new Night Birds album, Roll Credits, is getting all the love like we knew it would. Check out a new review, and scope their dates here!

08Oct, 2018
Joey Cape is interviewed over at Rad Dads. Give it a listen now

05Oct, 2018
In what bizarro world would Stacey Dee from Bad Cop/Bad Cop perform with David “The Hoff” Hasselhoff? Click here to find out.

04Oct, 2018
Strung Out’s 20 Years of Twisted By Design tour starts tonight! The Bombpops will be on the entire tour!

03Oct, 2018
Get Dead is playing the last show at the Hemlock this Friday. Let’s make the show a rager. RIP Hemlock.

01Oct, 2018
To get you ready for Sick Of It All’s, Wake the Sleeping Dragon! Check out this in-depth interview with their producer, Jerry Farley.

28Sep, 2018
Brian Gorsegner of Night Birds talks to Punknews about their latest release, Roll Credits, record collecting, and death! Catch them on tour!

26Sep, 2018
Good Riddance is featured on Punk Rock Against War – a digital comp w/ all proceeds going to Emergency (Italian humanitarian organization)

20Sep, 2018
Catch face to face’s interview and performance over at their BUILD session yesterday!

19Sep, 2018
How Much of Paddy from Dillinger Four Midwest Playlist Can You Take?

18Sep, 2018
Heads up! Teenage Bottlerocket have a grip of dates with The Descendents this October. Don’t miss it!

17Sep, 2018
Excitement is building for Night Birds new album Roll Credits.

11Sep, 2018
The Lawrence Arms just announced their 4th annual War On X-mas! American Steel and The Lillingtons. See you in Chicago in Decemeber!

05Sep, 2018
Swingin’ Utters released Peace and Love last week. Check out a review on New Noise Magazine right now!

04Sep, 2018
Dillinger Four just announced three East Coast dates in October!

29Aug, 2018
Mean Jeans will be in San Francisco on Sept. 15th playing with The Revolts! Get tickets now!

28Aug, 2018
Last minute Last Gang show this weekend in Huntington Beach!

23Aug, 2018
Today Swingin’ Utters are setting off on a massive tour, and they’re armed with all kinds of new songs from Peace and Love. Get your tickets now or hate yourself later.

23Aug, 2018
At a crossroads and need a reason to believe? Well, Strung Out are kicking off their Twisted By Design Tour today. We’re not asking for the world here. Show your ultimate devotion and get your tickets now.

21Aug, 2018
Punkanormal Activity goes in depth with Good Riddance frontman Russ Rankin.

17Aug, 2018
Mean Jeans will be partying it up with The Revolts in San Francisco on Sept. 15th!

16Aug, 2018
SLAM Magazine gave the upcoming Swingin’ Utters album Peace and Love a 10 out of 10!!! If you need help reading the review just hit up our old pal Toby.

13Aug, 2018
Swingin’ Utters frontman Johnny Bonnel unlocks all the mysteries of the universe in this interview with Bad Copy. He also talks about their upcoming album, just for good measure.

13Aug, 2018
Strung Out and The Bombpops get rad in October. Tickets on sale now!

10Aug, 2018
Swingin’ Utters’ new single “Undertaker, Undertake” overtakes the #4 spot on Spotify’s New Punk Tracks playlist.

09Aug, 2018
This just in: People are still really into the new face to face Hold Fast (Acoustic Sessions) album.

06Aug, 2018
Achtung! If you can read German, you’ll wanna check out this face to face review. If you can’t read German, well… you can still enjoy the pictures.

03Aug, 2018
Yo, people of Alberta, Manitoba, and the Midwestern US! Things are finally looking up for you. Swingin’ Utters and The Last Gang are heading your way in September. Life, meet meaning.

03Aug, 2018
NOFX, Night Birds, and Swingin’ Utters all have new music featured on the Spotify New Punk Tracks playlist. If you like tracks that are both new and punk, you’ll frickin’ love this playlist.

30Jul, 2018
Check this Teenage Bottlerocket show review from a recent Canada stop!

30Jul, 2018
face to face Hold Fast (Acoustic Sessions) came out last Friday! Check out what Punknews wrote about it.

30Jul, 2018
The new face to face album Hold Fast (Acoustic Sessions) finally dropped on Friday and the reviews are glowing.

27Jul, 2018
Lagwagon will play Let’s Talk About Feelings at Riot Fest 2018 in Chicago!

26Jul, 2018
Bad Cop/Bad Cop are off to Europe! Catch them this weekend in the UK!

19Jul, 2018
The machine starts up again for The Lawrence Arms next month. Europe, read this.

19Jul, 2018
Australia! Joey Cape and Zach Quinn are coming for 2 special nights in September. Book it now.

17Jul, 2018
Head to Punknews to read this timely review of Get Dead’s Bygones 7". If you are in the Bay Area be sure to catch Get Dead this week in Albany,CA with 88 Fingers Louie!

16Jul, 2018
face to face head out on tour starting next week! Next week also birngs the release of their Hold Fast (Acoustic Sessions) release! Grab a copy now.

13Jul, 2018
Brendan and Chris from The Lawrence Arms chatted with Alternative Press about the history of the band. Be sure to catch them in Europe next month!

11Jul, 2018
Read what Lagwagon has to say about Let’s Talk About Feelings.

10Jul, 2018
Holy smokes! Looks like London, UK has the only European Sundowner show all year! Info and tickets here!

09Jul, 2018
face to faceHold Fast (Acoustic Sessions) comes out July 27th! . Catch them on their US tour! Tickets and VIP packages available here

28Jun, 2018
Check out this review for Teenage Bottlerocket’s Stealing The Covers on Scene Point Blank. Haven’t heard it? Give it a listen HERE!

27Jun, 2018
Spike from Me First and the Gimme Gimmes sat down with Turned Out A Punk and talked about pretty much everything! Catch the Gimmes in Montreal in a month then Japan!

25Jun, 2018
Scene Point Blank gives the run down on the recently released Lawrence Arms Best Of album!

25Jun, 2018
Check out Spike Slawson from Me First and the Gimme Gimmes new band, the Re-Volts!

22Jun, 2018
Mean Jeans Jingles album review. In German!

20Jun, 2018
face to face kick off a quick East Coast run tomorrow in NYC!

19Jun, 2018
toyGuitar played San Francisco recently. Check out this write up about the show over on Bad Copy.

18Jun, 2018
Mad Caddies dropped Punk Rocksteady last Friday! Check out what Punk News wrote about it!

15Jun, 2018
NOFX is playing Force Fest in Mexico City on Oct. 6th! Tickets on sale now!

14Jun, 2018
The Bombpops are heading back to Europe this summer, don’t miss them!

11Jun, 2018
Bad Cop/Bad Cop kicked off their European tour last night in the UK!

05Jun, 2018
Catch toyGuitar with Nothington in SF this Saturday!

24May, 2018
Western Addiction are one of Las Vegas Weekly’s Six MUST Catch acts at Punk Rock Bowling this weekend!

23May, 2018
Head over to OC Weekly for the Top 10 acts to catch at Punk Rock Bowling this weekend!

21May, 2018
Russ Rankin of Good Riddance shares his path to veganism.

21May, 2018
D4th of July details revealed!

16May, 2018
Happy Lagwagon Day! Check out the new tour date they just added in Canada!

14May, 2018
Strung Out singer Jason Cruz reveals the secret to a life worth living.

12May, 2018
Western Addiction front man Jason Hall recently interviewed Russ Rankin of Good Riddance. Hardcore sandwich.

11May, 2018
Strung Out are holding down the top spot on Spotify’s New Punk Tracks playlist. They’re even using the band’s picture as the banner. Can you blame them? So handsome.

10May, 2018
PEARS start their US tour on Saturday in Austin!

08May, 2018
Mad Caddies are on tour now! Have you heard their new single? Give it a listen HERE and preorder Punk Rocksteady NOW.

07May, 2018
Strung OutBlack Out The Sky comes out Friday! Check out this review on Cryptic Rock!

04May, 2018
OVER THE LINE!! Western Addiction, Swingin’ Utters, The Bombpops, Rise Against, The Last Gang, and Cobra Skulls drop some bowling tips.

01May, 2018
Head over to thepunksite.com for a review of the new Strung Out album. Black Out The Sky comes out Friday, May 11th!

30Apr, 2018
Fat Mike’s Punk In Drublic Music and Beer Fest kicks off this weekend in Austin. Read an interview with Fatty about the festival over at Craft Beer Austin!

27Apr, 2018
Sure, this review is four years late but that doesn’t make Lagwagon’s Hang any less amazing!

25Apr, 2018
Read a review from a recent Lillingtons show! Don’t miss them on tour right now!

24Apr, 2018
Head over to the AV CLUB for their list of punk bands cover pop songs! Me First and the Gimme Gimmes & Propagandhi represented!

20Apr, 2018
Good Riddance front man Russ Rankin shares some inside info about the band and a host of other subjects over at Hysteria Mag.

19Apr, 2018
The Face To Face / Less Than Jake / Direct Hit tour is in full swing. Don’t sleep on your chance to see this amazing lineup.

18Apr, 2018
Chris and Brendan of The Lawrence Arms recently stopped by Paste to share some fun stories and play a few songs from We Are The Champions Of The World: The Best Of.

16Apr, 2018
The rave reviews continue to flow for Dear Beer.

11Apr, 2018
Check out Strung Out teaming up with Travis Barker at the recent Musink Festival.

04Apr, 2018
Read a new interview with The Lawrence Arms and then catch them live, as their tour starts today!

02Apr, 2018
The Last GangKeep Them Counting get a great review in New Noise Magazine. Grab the record here and catch them on tour at Fat Mike’s Punk In Drublic Festival.