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10Feb, 2016
Check out this review of Swingin’ Utters Brazen Head on Ground Control Magazine. Then grab yourself a color copy of it while you still can!

09Feb, 2016
Uke-Hunt are playing Martinez, CA this Thursday!

08Feb, 2016
NOFX are playing Download Festival in June!

08Feb, 2016
Ever wonder how toyGuitar got their name? Scene Point Blank gets to the bottom of it!

05Feb, 2016
NOFX, Night Birds and toyGuitar are going to rip thru Austin, New Orleans and Houston in March!

04Feb, 2016
Sundowner has a couple shows lined up with Ray from Teenage Bottlerocket!

04Feb, 2016
CJ Ramone and more are playing a Motorhead Tribute on Valentine’s Day!

03Feb, 2016
face to face has been added to Groezrock!

02Feb, 2016
The Real McKenzies have a massive Canadian and European tour lined up for this year!

01Feb, 2016
This review will convince you to snag a copy of No Use For A Name All The Best Songs

29Jan, 2016
NOFX are playing SXSW!

28Jan, 2016
The Loved Ones start their Keep Your Heart 10 Year tour soon! Pick up a poster for the tour!

26Jan, 2016
Head over to For The Love Of Punk to read a reveiw of Leftover Crack’s Constructs Of State!

25Jan, 2016
Joe McMahon from Smoke Or Fire talks to For The Love Of Punk about the future of Smoke Or Fire and his upcoming solo record!

22Jan, 2016
Night Birds are heading to the United Kingdom in April!

22Jan, 2016
Leftover Crack are heading to Australia in March!

21Jan, 2016
New Face to Face song and preorder coming next week. Get a taste now!

20Jan, 2016
If you missed us last week in the studio with NOFX, Dying Scene has the info!

20Jan, 2016
New Noise Magazine just posted a bunch of photos of the Dead To Me show in San Francisco on Sunday!

20Jan, 2016
NOFX, CJ Ramone, Descedents and WIZO added to Ruhrpott Rodeo in Germany!

19Jan, 2016
Good Riddance are playing a bunch of dates in Spain in June! Muy Bueno!

15Jan, 2016
Strung Out are playing Bowlzilla in Chile tomorrow!

14Jan, 2016
Dave Hause of The Loved Ones talks about the Keep Your Heart 10 year anniversary tour!

12Jan, 2016
Dillinger Four is playing London in April! Lucky Buggers.

11Jan, 2016
Italians praise Night Birds Mutiny At Muscle Beach! Ciao!

08Jan, 2016
Congrats to Night Birds on #1 best album on Best of 2015 from Punknews!

08Jan, 2016
Dying Scene gave No Use For A Name All The Best Songs a nice review!

08Jan, 2016
The Flatliners are playing Manchester Punk Fest!

06Jan, 2016
Check out this 924 Gilman Indiegogo campaign and help out if you can!

05Jan, 2016
Well, Rebellion Fest just got even better. CJ Ramone and PEARS were just added!

04Jan, 2016
We’re back in the office! Looks like Leftover Crack had a nice write up for their Houston show. Don’t miss them and PEARS on tour now!

18Dec, 2015
toyGuitar and Bad Cop/Bad Cop make Punks in Vegas 2015 Top 10 list!

17Dec, 2015
CJ Ramone has a show on Saturday in Brooklyn!

16Dec, 2015
Listen to Brian from Night Birds on Turned Out A Punk!

16Dec, 2015
toyGuitar on Oklahoma Lefty’s top 30 list of 2015!

15Dec, 2015
Razorcake Magazine is doing their yearly donation drive. We donated a bunch of stuff so go help them out and see what you end up with!

14Dec, 2015
Swingin Utters are on Last Call with Carson Daly tomorrow night! Late Tuesday night!

11Dec, 2015
Achtung! Leftover Crack review in a German magazine!

09Dec, 2015
Dillinger Four are playing Punk Rock Bowling!

09Dec, 2015
Solid review for Leftover Crack’s Constructs of the State on upstarter.com.

08Dec, 2015
Fat Mike made TMZ again. Looks like it was a slow news day at TMZ today!

08Dec, 2015
Ever wonder what a NOFX show is like in Guadalajara, Mexico?

07Dec, 2015
Joey Cape is featured on Marvel’s weekly podcast!

07Dec, 2015
PEARS, Good Riddance, and Night Birds top Slug Magazine’s Top 5 Dummest Fasterest Punk Albums!

04Dec, 2015
Dead To Me just added a show in San Francisco!

04Dec, 2015
Strung Out’s Transmission.Alpha.Delta is on MetalSucks Top Fifteen Metal Albums of 2015!

03Dec, 2015
Check out Dying Scene’s review for NOFX Backstage Passport Soundtrack. NOFX just started a Mexico and South American tour!

03Dec, 2015
CJ Ramone is on tour in Europe and chatted with Rolling Stone Germany about his recent tour in Cuba!

02Dec, 2015
Night Birds are playing Pouzza Fest in Montreal!

01Dec, 2015
Less Than Jake just announced new tour dates playing Losing Streak and Hello Rockview!

01Dec, 2015
Night Birds will be on Nardwuar the Human Serviette’s radio show on Friday! Tune in!

30Nov, 2015
Head to CDN for an interview with STZA from Leftover Crack!

19Nov, 2015
Leftover Crack just announced the next leg of the Constructs of the State tour, including January dates with PEARS and Feb/March dates with Anti-Flag! Constructs of the State reviewed.

19Nov, 2015
PEARS’ show in SLC tonight is canceled! Salt Lakers, hit them up on FB and have them play your basement!

19Nov, 2015
NOFX regresa a PerĂº ! Lea una entrevista con Fat Mike.

18Nov, 2015
Joey Cape sure talks a lot. Luckily it’s in interesting interviews like this one.

17Nov, 2015
To celebrate 30 years of being a band (wow!), our favorite UK punk veterans Snuff have announced a UK anniversary tour with Bad Cop/Bad Cop.

17Nov, 2015
The Flatliners are about to hit Japan and Australia. Interviewers take note: singer Chris Cresswell reveals the worst interview questions. Chris also answers some good questions about the Flats and solo stuff, and some Australian questions.

16Nov, 2015
Almost as rare as a new Dillinger Four album is a new Dillinger Four interview. And this Noisey piece is well worth your time.

12Nov, 2015
Night Birds’ Mutiny At Muscle Beach is unstoppable!

12Nov, 2015
Can you smell what The Rock is cookin’?! Masked Intruder are playing Wrestlepalooza

11Nov, 2015
Jaded in Chicago has an interview with Paddy from Dillinger Four. Get snowed in!

11Nov, 2015
Vinnie from Less Than Jake tells Thrillist some stories from the road!

10Nov, 2015
New episode of Anxious and Angry with Ezra from Morning Glory. He talks addiction, how recovery is a loosely defined term, Choking Victim, Leftover Crack and his life growing up in strange places.

09Nov, 2015
Second Lagwagon show added in Melbourne!

06Nov, 2015
Merch people are people too! And funny!

06Nov, 2015
Watch this interview with Joey Cape. Don’t miss Lagwagon on tour now!

05Nov, 2015
Here’s an update from TBR on Brandon’s condition.

05Nov, 2015
Great interview with Jack Dalrymple of toyGuitar, Swingin’ Utters and Dead To Me!

05Nov, 2015
Chris Cresswell from The Flatliners details his favorite Fat bands.

04Nov, 2015
NOFX on Last Call with Carson Daly tonight! Turn on, Tune In!

04Nov, 2015
Joey Cape’s Stitch Puppy gets a great review on New Noise Magazine!

03Nov, 2015
Leftover Crack added to Elm Street Tattoo and Music Fest on Nov. 14th!

03Nov, 2015
Good Riddance playing with Pennywise in LA!

02Nov, 2015
Check out this photo gallery and write up of Lagwagon’s stop at Pre-Fest 3 in Tampa! They’re on tour thru The South. Get out there and rock with them!

02Nov, 2015
New interview with Brian from Night Birds.

28Oct, 2015
The Real McKenzies have unfortunately had to cancel their upcoming U.S. tour. Read here.

28Oct, 2015
PEARS are on the road again! Bring your mom!

28Oct, 2015
The first band we ever signed and the latest band we signed just started a southern U.S. tour together!

26Oct, 2015
Brian from Night Birds sat down with Music She Blogged and shot the shit after Not Dead Yet!

23Oct, 2015
Head over to Punknews to read an interview with CJ Ramone! Then head to South America to catch him on tour!

21Oct, 2015
New Noise has some photos of Leftover Crack’s show with Bouncing Souls and Beach Slang!

21Oct, 2015
Checkout this interview with Brian from Night Birds!

20Oct, 2015
Punk World Views interviews CJ RAMONE at It’s Not Dead Fest! Catch him in South America right now!

19Oct, 2015
Read about what you are missing if you don’t go see Leftover Crack!

15Oct, 2015
NOFX Backstage Passport 2 review on New Noise!

14Oct, 2015
CJ Ramone starts his South American tour tomorrow!

13Oct, 2015
Read this review to see what you missed at It’s Not Dead Festival last weekend.

12Oct, 2015
Good Riddance show review at the iconic Asbury Lanes!

09Oct, 2015
Read a new interview with Joey Cape. He talks Stitch Puppy, Hang, Trashed, the Fat 25th Anniversary tour, and his favorite Fat record.

08Oct, 2015
NOFX is playing It’s Not Dead Festival this weekend. Read this feature with Fat Mike. Then go to spotify and listen to Fat Mike’s 1981 Railer Playlist with Brian Baker!

08Oct, 2015
Here’s a review for Night Birds Mutiny At Muscle Beach! We don’t see the Blink 182 or Rage Against The Machine comparison but maybe the reviewer means their live show?

07Oct, 2015
Did you miss Strung Out on Last Call with Carson Daly last night? Head here and here to watch a couple songs!

06Oct, 2015
The DIckies have a show this Friday in Long Beach!

05Oct, 2015
The killer reviews keep rolling in for The Flatliners Division of Spoil

02Oct, 2015
Useless ID play Tel Aviv this weekend! Read this review The Lost Broken Bones on Slug Magazine!

01Oct, 2015
Lane from Dillinger Four sits down with Anxious and Angry on the latest podcast. Listen HERE!

01Oct, 2015
You won’t be on the fence on PEARS Letters To Memaw after reading this Dying Scene review!

29Sep, 2015
Pretty rad write up on Night Birds on Seattle Pi!

28Sep, 2015
Head over to New Noise Magazine and scroll thru to find the photos of Strung Out at Picnic in Pozo!