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20Apr, 2018
Good Riddance front man Russ Rankin shares some inside info about the band and a host of other subjects over at Hysteria Mag.

19Apr, 2018
The Face To Face / Less Than Jake / Direct Hit tour is in full swing. Don’t sleep on your chance to see this amazing lineup.

18Apr, 2018
Chris and Brendan of The Lawrence Arms recently stopped by Paste to share some fun stories and play a few songs from We Are The Champions Of The World: The Best Of.

16Apr, 2018
The rave reviews continue to flow for Dear Beer.

11Apr, 2018
Check out Strung Out teaming up with Travis Barker at the recent Musink Festival.

04Apr, 2018
Read a new interview with The Lawrence Arms and then catch them live, as their tour starts today!

02Apr, 2018
The Last GangKeep Them Counting get a great review in New Noise Magazine. Grab the record here and catch them on tour at Fat Mike’s Punk In Drublic Festival.

30Mar, 2018
Fat Mike’s Camp Punk In Drublic tickets are on sale now! Get em while the gettin is good!

30Mar, 2018
Peep this interview with Ray from Teenage Bottlerocket! Dont miss TBR tonight and tomorrow in Wyoming!

29Mar, 2018
Check out this write up about Direct Hit. Be sure to catch them on the road next month with face to face and Less Than Jake!

28Mar, 2018
Check out this new review for The Lawrence ArmsWe Are The Champions Of The World: The Best Of. Comes out Friday! Grab a copy now.

27Mar, 2018
Strung Out put together a ‘best of’ Spotify playlist. Give it a listen before their new album, Black Out The Sky, comes out in May!

21Mar, 2018
Mean Jeans will be in LA next month! They’ve got one show with Toys That Kill and Gezan.

20Mar, 2018
Bad Cop/Bad Cop is featured in Hysteria Magazine. Be sure to catch them on tour in Australia this week and beyond all year!

16Mar, 2018
Direct Hit will be joining up with face to face and Less Than Jake this spring! Grab your tickets now

15Mar, 2018
Hey looks like ‪CJ Ramone made a new video! Check it out now!

12Mar, 2018
Bad Cop/Bad Cop stopped by to chat with Razorcake. Give it a listen now! Catch them on tour all year!

09Mar, 2018
Watch an interview with Russ Rankin from Good Riddance on Last Rockers TV.

07Mar, 2018
Dead To Me announced East Coast 2018 tour dates!

05Mar, 2018
SNUFF was added to Punk In Drublic in Slovenia!

27Feb, 2018
Sneak peek of a brand new song from The Last Gang over at Punks In Vegas.

26Feb, 2018
Check this out! We’re stoked that there will be a Fat Wreck Chords night at Punk Rock Bowling!

23Feb, 2018
The Lillingtons announced another leg of tour to support their first full length in 11 years!

21Feb, 2018
Head to Punknews for a review of the new Mean Jeans Jingles Collection that came out last week!

16Feb, 2018
Me First and the Gimme Gimmes just announced some South American dates!

14Feb, 2018
Head over to Mable Syndrome for an interview with Brenna from The Last Gang. Keep Them Counting comes out March 2nd!

12Feb, 2018
Get Dead is heading to Costa Rica for one show! GET THERE.

09Feb, 2018
Direct Hit kick off their tour with Less Than Jake tonight in Florida!

08Feb, 2018
Punk In Drublic Music Festival will be hitting Europe this summer! NOFX, Mad Caddies, and Bad Cop/Bad Cop will be playing! Tickets on sale tomorrow!

07Feb, 2018
Lagwagon’s Joey Cape spoke with Lead Singer Syndrome. Listen HERE

05Feb, 2018
Read a new show review of The Lillingtons and The Last Gang over at Punknews.

31Jan, 2018
Check out a great write up about AVAIL and how they taught a new generation of bands how to exist!

29Jan, 2018
PEARS just announced an Australian tour for May!

22Jan, 2018
Strung Out just announced a March tour with Pennywise! They’ll jump off the tour for 2 days to fly home and play Musink!

19Jan, 2018
The Real McKenzies will be all over Canada in March!

18Jan, 2018
Teenage Bottlerocket announced a few shows in Texas. Giddy up!

17Jan, 2018
Bad Cop/Bad Cop just announced a spring run with the Smoking Popes!

12Jan, 2018
Wishing Stacey Dee from Bad Cop/Bad Cop a speedy recovery. Head here to show your support.

10Jan, 2018
NOFX made a commercial for Birkenstock!

06Jan, 2018
Joey Cape will be playing a handful of California shows in early February with Zach Quinn, Brian Wahlstrom, and Donald Spence! Grab your tickets now.

05Jan, 2018
Mean Jeans added some new tour dates!

05Jan, 2018
Get Dead jump into 2018 by announcing a tour in Mexico!

21Dec, 2017
New Noise Magazine has write up about a day in the life with The Dirty Nil. Mmmmm avocados!

20Dec, 2017
Here’s some year end lists from Good Riddance, Western Addiction, and Lillingtons!

19Dec, 2017
CJ Ramone tells what his dream tour is to Digital Tour Bus.

18Dec, 2017
The Last Gang talked to New Noise Magazine recently. They’ve got a couple shows left this year then hitting it hard in 2018!

14Dec, 2017
If you missed The Dirty Nil last night on Carson Daly, watch it here

13Dec, 2017
Dead To Me announced some West Coast headlining dates in 2018.

13Dec, 2017
Good Riddance just added more tour dates in 2018!

11Dec, 2017
Check out what Mean Jeans have been up to with this write up in Oregon Live.

07Dec, 2017
Read an interview with Darius Koski about his latest album, What Was Once Is By And Gone.

04Dec, 2017
The Bombpops are out with the Supersuckers until Dec. 22nd!

30Nov, 2017
The Last Gang have a new show in Germany with Propagandhi and Iron Chic!

29Nov, 2017
PEARS guitarist, Brian Pretus, is offering to write, record you a song!

28Nov, 2017
Mad Caddies are playing their last show of 2017 in their hometown of Santa Barbara, don’t miss it!

14Nov, 2017
Dying Scene reviewed the Swingin’ Utters and Darius Koski show in Boston. Read it here!

09Nov, 2017
Good Riddance will be heading to Edmonton and Calgary in February!

08Nov, 2017
Scene Point Blank has the scoop on Fest 16!

03Nov, 2017
Nick from Direct Hit made a Spotify playlist today! Give it a listen and then check out their new split with PEARS that came out today!

03Nov, 2017
Watch The Flatliners perform all of ‘The Great Awake’ live at FEST 16!

30Oct, 2017
Brenna Red of The Last Gang talks about Sing for your Supper with Punknews.

26Oct, 2017
Mean Jeans talk FEST and all things Gainesville in this interview.

25Oct, 2017
New interview with Neil and Josh of The Bombpops! Catch ‘em at Pre-FEST & FEST this weekend!

21Oct, 2017
Pre-Order the new Darius Koski album What Was Once Is By And Gone from iTunes and you’ll get an instant download of “Black Sheep”.

20Oct, 2017
Strung Out have a tab book for their newest release – Transmission.Alpha.Delta! Pick it up and get shredding!

18Oct, 2017
Check out the new Yotam Ben Horin video on New Noise Magazine. Grab the vinyl here

18Oct, 2017
Teenage Bottlerocket head to South America for a few shows in November!

11Oct, 2017
Punk In Vegas compiled a benefit comp release and will donate 100% of proceeds to assist victims of the Las Vegas shooting. Buy it HERE

06Oct, 2017
FEST is just around the corner! Get ready by reading this new Lillingtons interview.

04Oct, 2017
The Bombpops perform Marry. Fuck. Kill. for Bridge City Sessions

03Oct, 2017
CJ Ramone got a birthday shout out from The Washington Post!

03Oct, 2017
PEARS just kicked off their US tour. Check out this interview with them.

29Sep, 2017
If you missed the live interview yesterday here’s Fat Mike on KNBR.

27Sep, 2017
Check out some photos from Night Birds recent show with The Spits on Brooklyn Vegan!

26Sep, 2017
What shot of liquor does CJ Ramone drink before he performs? Find out here!

25Sep, 2017
Get Dead just kicked off an extensive tour. Give this Get Dead curated playlist a listen and get pumped to see them!

25Sep, 2017
Follow the day in the life of Bad Cop / Bad Cop. Then catch them on tour with the Punk and Drublic Tour and with Propagandhi later in the year.

22Sep, 2017
Texas! Good Riddance has a couple shows in October! Don’t miss them.

14Sep, 2017
Check out this interview with Spike from Me First and the Gimme Gimmes

06Sep, 2017
Teenage Bottlerocket start their short east coast tour tomrorow!

06Sep, 2017
Bad Cop/Bad Cop talk Warped Tour and playing the upcoming Punk in Drublic Craft Beer and Music Festival!

05Sep, 2017
Lillingtons just finished their midwest run. Check out a show review on PunkNews from their Fort Wayne, IN stop.

01Sep, 2017
Direct Hit! is in the Milwaukee Music Video Show for the second year in a row. Pretty excellent!

28Aug, 2017
World Air Guitar Champion is in Finland to defend his title using a Me First and the Gimme Gimmes song. NPR has the scoop. Watch the video here!

23Aug, 2017
Check out this cool comic that features Bad Cop / Bad Cop. Look at all their rad shows coming up!

22Aug, 2017
Australia! Direct Hit kicks off their tour next week. Don’t miss it!

21Aug, 2017
Lagwagon and Mad Caddies will be playing Flogging Molly’s Salty Dog Cruise next April!

18Aug, 2017
The Lillingtons start their “Calm Before The Storm” tour today! Be sure to give their new song a listen on Spotify or Apple Music. Stella Sapiente comes out Oct. 13th!

15Aug, 2017
Here’s the 9 best underground New Orleans bands, as chosen by PEARS. Check out their upcoming tour dates!

11Aug, 2017
Read a review of No Use for a Name’s Rarities Vol. 1: The Covers, out today!

08Aug, 2017
Night Birds have 5 shows left this year! Dates here.

08Aug, 2017
Swingin’ Utters hit the road tomorrow for an extensive Western U.S. tour!

08Aug, 2017
Gearheads: Check out CJ Ramone talking about the bass gear he uses on tour!

04Aug, 2017
As you know, FAT supports trans rights, and so does our digital music partner, Bandcamp. Today, all Bandcamp profits will be donated to Transgender Law Center. The FAT catalog on Bandcamp can be found here.

03Aug, 2017
Joey Cape is touring Europe this September and is inviting local solo artists to join him. Details here.

03Aug, 2017
Teenage Bottlerocket’s new album keeps getting rave reviews. Case in point: this new one on Dying Scene.

03Aug, 2017
Bad Cop/Bad Cop are wrapping up their Warped Tour shows this weekend in California. Read this review of Bad Cop and the other bands on their stage, including Adolescents, War on Women, Municipal Waste, and Strung Out!

02Aug, 2017
Strung Out is featured in OC Weekly list of the Top 10 Warped Tour Acts to see this weekend at Pomona Fairplex.

31Jul, 2017
Sundowner is playing with The Flatliners in Portland!

28Jul, 2017
Swingin’ Utters West Coast Tour starts soon! Get your tickets now!