Maximum Rocknroll Mystic CD 180




This was never supposed to be a record. NOFX got popular in the mid 90’s so mystic records took both seven inchers and put them out on a cd with a bunch of demo songs. It’s a totally sucky record and the artwork totally bites. We had no control over any of it. In fact we didn’t know it was coming out until I saw one in a store. If you want to hear a totally crappy fucked album then this is the one for you. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

22 song CD & LP

Track ListMP3Video
1:  Live Your Life
2:  My Friends
3:  Six Pack Girls
4:  Bang Gang
5:  Hit It
6:  Hold It Back
7:  ID
8:  Cops And Donuts
9:  Iron Man
10:  Shitting Bricks
11:  Mom Rules
12:  On My Mind
13:  White Bread
14:  Lager In The Dark
15:  Too Mixed Up
16:  Drain Bramaged
17:  Bob Turkee
18:  No Problems
19:  Memories
20:  Beast Within
21:  Instrumental
22:  Ant Attack

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