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20Jun, 2017

At last…The Lillingtons are officially a FAT band! Although they should need no introduction, the fact is that after a decade with no new music, nor real touring, an entire generation of punk rockers might not know about The Lillingtons. Well, we aim to fix that. The Lillingtons are a punk rock band from Wyoming, with four full-lengths under their belt, spinning tales of cold war spies, Russian attacks, alien invaders, conspiracies, and Neil Armstrong banana-theft. Ever since Death By Television, their breakthrough 1999 album of front-to-back perfection — a true modern classic — we’ve pined after them and befriended them, but never actually obtained that rare gem: a Lillingtons album of our own. Now, over a decade after their last incredible studio album, The Too Late Show, The Lillingtons are back! They just released their first new music last week — the Project 313 EP — which you should immediately pick up from Red Scare Industries. The EP is only the start, as the band has just wrapped recording of their brand new full-length at The Blasting Room! So, today, we are thrilled to officially welcome The Lillingtons to the FAT fold and look forward to releasing their FAT debut later this year. Stay tuned for more details to come, and read what singer/guitarist Kody Templeman (also of Teenage Bottlerocket fame) had to say about the album:

The new Lillingtons album is finished! We’re looking forward to working with FAT, and we’re excited that they’re releasing this particular album. We’ve spent a lot of time on this one. From here on out we’ll be working on a live show that will live up to the album and be a cool experience for the fans. See us at Fest and keep your eyes peeled for a lot more activity in 2018.

16Jun, 2017
Bad Cop/Bad Cop – Warriors – out today!

Bad Cop/Bad Cop’s compelling new album, Warriors, is out today! Head here to listen to the entire album on your preferred digital service. Check out a review, watch them perform live on TV, and then listen to an in-depth interview with the band. Bad Cop/Bad Cop has never been smarter, catchier, or more of an emotional powerhouse than on Warriors — easily their best material to date. Don’t believe us? Do yourself a favor and don’t miss them live, on the (literally) hottest tour across North America, Vans Warped Tour!

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09Jun, 2017
Teenage Bottlerocket – Pre-order! Bonus 7"!

Teenage Bottlerocket’s new album, Stealing the Covers, comes out July 14th and is up for pre-order now! Please read on for details…
We’re beyond excited to announce that along with the new album of cover songs, the band recorded a 7"— Goin’ Back to Wyo—with two brand new TBR originals! Colored and black vinyl for both LP and 7" are available now. Album HERE. 7" HERE. Available in Europe HERE and Australia HERE. Also available today is the digital pre-order. With that, you get “RoboCop Is a Halfbreed Sellout” to download immediately! Bandcamp HERE.

07Jun, 2017
Bad Cop/Bad Cop – New Song Premiere!

Bad Cop/Bad Cop’s powerful new album, Warriors, comes out in just 9 days! Today, Brooklyn Vegan is premiering the third and final single, the melodic-yet-aggressive album opener, “Retrograde.” You may have heard the band play this song on tour this Spring, and if you’re anywhere in the U.S., you’ll have a chance to hear it this summer, as Bad Cop/Bad Cop is on the entire Warped Tour! “Retrograde” vocalist and lyricist Stacey Dee had this to say about the song:

“It’s a redemption song. It’s about coming back better and stronger than ever and finally moving past all of the stuff that was holding me down. Finding the power within and charging forward!”

06Jun, 2017
No Use for a Name – Rarities Vol. 1: The Covers – out August 11th!

As you all know, we love a good cover song. Our bands have recorded plenty of them over the years. Me First and the Gimme Gimmes even made a career out of it. Today, we are excited to share that we’ve combed No Use for a Name’s entire recording archive and collected each and every non-album cover song that they ever recorded. Out August 11th, Rarities Vol.1: The Covers, is the second No Use archive release this year…and as you may have guessed, there will be a Volume 2 sometime in the near future. The songs on this compilation were recorded between 1996 and 2005, and include some well-known covers (from comps), along with a few pretty rare ones. The album features their take on songs by The Vapors, The Misfits, Social Distortion, and even the classic theme song from Laverne & Shirley, ‘’Making Our Dreams Come True.’’ Check out the full track listing here! Then, read what longtime drummer Rory Koff had to say about some of their song choices:

Over the years, No Use always had a fun time recording a great cover song. A few of these are masterpieces, with the studio magic of Ryan Greene, such as “Dream Police” by Cheap Trick. Of course, every California punk band MUST do a Misfits cover to honor their roots. We were huge fans and here, we laid down our version of “Hybrid Moments.” The song “Selwyn’s Got a Problem” was for a not-so-major movie—produced by Joe Escalante of The Vandals—called Cake Boy. It was our take on D.I.’s “Johnny’s Got a Problem,” strangely, with Matt Riddle singing instead of Tony Sly. After Bradley Nowell of Sublime passed away, we were asked to do a cover for a tribute comp honoring him. We had a long history of touring and friendship with Sublime and were honored to do the classic song, “Badfish.” The song “Fairytale of New York” is the original version we recorded with Meegan Lair (singer of the San Jose band Soda) on guest vocals. Tony and Chris Shiflett were massive Pogues fans and insisted on recording this song as our tribute to them. We played it all over the world and it became a fan favorite because we always had guest singers. One track in particular was done in one take with no practice: “Beth” by Kiss. You also get to hear two great guitarists in Chris Shiflett and Dave Nassie on this release, along with rare vocals by Matt Riddle. Most importantly, of course, is more Tony Sly! So here you are, the No Use for a Name covers album. Enjoy! – Rory Koff

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