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23Mar, 2007
Spring Has Sprung! 4 fer 3 Pre-Easter/Passover CD Blowout!

What do rabbits shooting unhatched chicken babies out of their asses, Jewish people and bloody doorknobs have in common? They are all things you see while on acid? Wait a second, it means SPRING IS HERE!!! In honor of the maladjusted child between winter and summer we decided to have a BIG SALE in our web store. From March 22nd to April 20th we are offering a “4 cds for the price of 3” promotion. Just throw 4 cds into your shopping cart and you will get one of them for FREE when you go to check out. This is way better than someone hiding chemically dyed embryos from you in some cruel, genetic scavenger hunt. I know that “Spring Forward, Fall Back” sounds like the name of a crappy hardcore record but we wanted to do something nice for all of you on this promising equinox. Ass, grass or Passover, you get a cd for free!

Fat Mike is about to leave us home alone for the weekend and head out to Japan with NOFX. He left the credit card for us to get food and drinks so we should be fine. I don’t want to come back to this house and find out that you HAVEN’T had a party. NOFX will be taking Dead To Me along for the ride and there are still tickets available for these shows. Get ’em here.

Lastly, Strike Anywhere posted this huge update and they mention that guitarist Matt Sherwood has played his last show and has left the band under good terms. We here at Fat just want to wish Matt well. He’s a great guy with a smooth chin.

06Mar, 2007
Leftover Crack/Citizen Fish Deadline split CD comes out today! Fat Mike soils himself.

With our new Leftover Crack/Citizen Fish split CD coming OUT today and the lying Scooter Libby soon to be IN jail, I smell sweet justice in the air! To celebrate, I think you should go check out both bands on the Citizen Crack US tour which just kicked off this past weekend. Show up early and don’t miss Witch Hunt! We have already released four songs off the split but we included the link below to listen to the entire cd before you buy it.


Also, we recommend that you sign up for the Fat e-mail newsletter on the front page because it includes exclusive news like the story below that Fat Mike wrote about pissing his pants abroad…

The Down Under Part Two: A few funny things that happened whilst in New Zealand and Australia. In Perth, I tore my calf muscle on stage after someone threw something wooden at me (I think it may have been a boomerang) and I wont be able to walk for a month. Gordy from Frenzal Rhomb did a stage dive while we were playing in Melbourne and tripped and flew head first into the barricade. If that wasn’t bad enough, a bouncer then put him in a choke hold and dragged him out of the club. That wasn’t quite as funny as when Jason, the singer of Frenzal, did a stage dive during our set a few years ago and broke his collar bone. In Tasmania, about 15 boys and girls got naked and began jogging and doing cartwheels outside after the show. Not as funny as when Eric Melvin shit his pants on the way to the airport thinking it was just a fart. Not as funny as when I had to really go pee on stage in Wellington, but since I couldn’t walk from the boomerang injury and the bathroom was very far away, I just wet my pants. Funny thing about peeing your pants is that the pee flows down your leg and your shoes get full of pee too. Then the next day when you forgot about peeing your pants, you remember when you put your shoes on in the morning. Then all day long it feels like you got bologna in your shoes. Kinda funny. FM

28Feb, 2007
Leftover Crack/Citizen Fish Deadline split CD pre-order! Free patch with order!

You can now pre-order the new fifteen song split cd, Deadline_, from NYC’s ska/punk/crust band, Leftover Crack, and the UK’s punk/ska veterans, Citizen Fish. Each band contributes a few originals along with Leftover Crack covering a Subhumans and Citizen Fish song and Citizen Fish covering a Choking Victim and Leftover Crack song. It features cameos from Jello Biafra (Dead Kennedy’s) and M.D.C.’s Dave Dictor. This is the follow up release to 2006’s "_Baby Punchers / Meltdown": split 7”.

If you’ve ever wondered how this delightfully malodorous match-up came to be then check out this story that LOC’s singer, Sturgeon, wrote that involves their initial meeting, salmon, the Subhumans and B.B. King. If you order the CD from the Fat webstore you can get a free patch with purchase while supplies last. There are 6 different designs in varying quantities so get them while they are hot. (Note: you’ll get one patch, at random, with each CD ordered). The band also gave us some awesome full back patches that we are going to use for contest giveaways that we’ll let you know about soon. Sorry but we didn’t get any butt-flaps. The LP version of this release is available on Alternative Tentacles.


Smoke or Fire’s brand new release, This Sinking Ship, came out last week and their new video for the song “The Patty Hearst Syndrome” has already been added to Fuse TV. We are glad they re-filmed the video because the first version was PRETTY good but it needed a little something more. Also, I guess there has been a little bit of confusion with some of the retail stores about the release date (Feb. 20th) and people are having trouble finding the record but this seems to be cleared up now. Remember…you can always get the cds from your good old friends and you also get to read this diabolically witty/stupid shit.

20Feb, 2007
Smoke or Fire This Sinking Ship CD/LP out today!!!

Smoke or Fire’s brand new record, This Sinking Ship_, is the second full length release from this Boston, MA four-piece and the follow up to 2005’s Above the City. Gritty, melodic punk/hardcore for fans of Dillinger Four, Avail and Hot Water Music. Don’t forget that for a limited time through the Fat webstore, you can get an autographed copy of the cd to put on the mantle right next to your limited edition Black Eyed Peas Lady Lumps143946.html 7". They also made an awesome video for the song “The Patty Hearst Syndrome” which you can view below. Watch it now or I’ll kill you where you stand.


14Feb, 2007
Happy Valentine’s Day! Smoke or Fire pre-order!

Happy Valentine’s day, lovers! I assume you’ve already received your obligatory box of freezer-burnt, chalky-white chocolates and are ready for some sensual news from us. We love you so hard that we want to let you start pre-ordering the brand new Smoke or Fire release, This Sinking Ship_, that comes out next Tuesday, February 20th. Also, through our webstore, you can get an autographed copyautograph.jpg of the cd (while supplies last). Who needs slinky lingerie or a fuzzy red teddy bear when you can give the gift of melodic, gritty, hardcore influenced punk? Look, once you’ve touched the piece of candy and smashed it with your hand and found out the inside is orange cream or coconut, you CAN’T just put it back in the tray. That’s cheating.


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