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23May, 2007
No Use for a Name “All the Best Shows” small club, mini-tour + Strung Out listening party

By now you all must have heard about the Band in the Bubble but we here at Fat like to push the envelope a bit and take things to the next level. That is why we put together this groundbreaking idea we like to call Band in the Clubble©. You might think we are “write on the walls with our own poop, crazy” but we just feel like this is the right thing to do. That is why No Use for a Name is about to embark on the “All the Best Shows” Tour with Whole Wheat Bread and Fat’s newest signing The Flatliners. The tour starts on July 6th in San Jose, CA and ends in San Francisco, CA on July 17th. This small club, mini-tour is in support of No Use’s upcoming “Best of” collection, All the Best Songs, that comes out on July 10th and it celebrates the band’s 20th anniversary. Did we mention that this was like a mix tape of NUFAN’s best songs plus two unreleased songs? Did we mention that all the songs are re-mastered? Did we mention that it’s cheap ($8 through the Fat site and $10.98 in stores)? Did we…?



Strung Out’s brand new studio full length Blackhawks Over Los Angeles is scheduled to come out on June 12th and the band just announced news about a special record release, listening party. The all ages event will take place on June 9th at the Skatelab in Simi Valley, CA from 7pm-11pm. There will be food and drink and the band will be hanging out and signing posters. If you ask really nicely then Jordan might even pull off a McTwist. Aside from commandeering the park’s sound system and spinning the new record all night long, they will also be premiering the brand new video for the song “Calling”. We just posted a few video stills from the shoot in their photo section here. Go visit the boys before they head off on their European tour. Don’t forget about the awesome pre-sale offer where you can get a limited edition copy of the CD with an extra bonus track “More Than Words” and a t-shirt designed by singer, Jason Cruz. We’ll also have the limited version of the CD in the Fat webstore and we’ll start our pre-sale on June 6th.




16May, 2007
FAT WRECK CHORDS/1.2.3. Punk Tour in Canada

We are proud to announce the FAT WRECK CHORDS/1.2.3. Punk Tour in Canada featuring the Mad Caddies, Real McKenzies and the Sainte Catherines. 1.2.3. Punk is an awesome video show up in Canada on Musique Plus TV and they are sponsoring the entire tour along with Exclaim Magazine, Gasoline Magazine and Punkradiocast. Musique Plus will even be sending out the host of the show, Rej, to follow these bloated American (and Scottish and Canadian) rapscallions as they traipse around your country looking for adventure. If there is one thing that is at the heart and core of every Canadian’s soul it’s REGGAE and the Caddies are coming to deliver that to your glorious climate. 1.2.3. Punk will be airing 8, 30-minute special episodes on the box that you stare at American Idol on, along with a live performance by all three bands at the Musique Plus studios when they hit Montreal. The tour starts on July 14th in Victoria, BC and ends on August 4th in Halifax, NS and we already have all the links for you to buy tickets right here. Ohhhhh Caaaanaaaadaaaa…you’ll be so stoked that you’ll puke in your tuque!



10May, 2007
We signed another band…AMERICAN STEEL!

We are extremely proud to be working with Oakland, CA’s American Steel. Carrying on the grand tradition of the early East Bay sound, American Steel were adored locally and served as a pillar of the 924 Gilman Street scene from 1995-2002. They released three proper full length records and I think it’s safe to say that you could file American Steel’s 2nd album, Rogue’s March, right next to Rancid’s Rancid, Crimpshrine’s Duct Tape Soup and Jawbreaker’s 24 Hour Revenge Therapy as quintessential Bay Area punk albums. The one aspect that sets this band apart is SOUL. Their sound owes as much to traditional Motown, folk and rock as it does to punk and hardcore. They are currently recording a brand new record at Sharkbite Studios which is owned by guitarist and co-vocalist Ryan Massey. Studio journals and updates will be posted soon on the band’s websites. Please come out to their Bottom of the Hill show with Dead To Me on June 16th and welcome them back. Here is a statement from the band…

Hey gang,
Five years after our last show, we played a house party together again as American Steel. We have also started recording a new studio record for our friends at Fat Wreck Chords. Five years ago, we were tired, listless and frankly not having as much fun as when we first started off. Our attitude has always been to do whatever, whenever, and most importantly to have a good time, so we called it a day. Gladly, this preserved our friendships and love for the music we had created. Basically, we missed playing the songs and still have something to say. It is often a farcical and self absorbed world that many rock groups find themselves in, and while we have always been concerned with expressing our views on ideas like equity and justice, we’ve also tried to not take ourselves or the music industry too seriously. So we’re kinda playing things by ear, but we will be playing shows, doing tours, and putting out a new record, probably in September 2007. As for "
Communique*":, a band which some of us have been playing in for last few years, it is basically in a holding pattern for 2007 but is by no means dead. Thanks for all the support and radness over the years and we’ll see y’all soon!



Band websites: /

01May, 2007
The Mad Caddies Keep It Going CD out today!!!

The unPresident is showing a sturdy veto boner today and there seems to be no peace in sight. You know what is peaceful though…reggae music! If we could just get him into one of these and make this guy the Secretary of Defense then I think he wouldn’t be so pinched and we could chill. Luckily we have the Mad Caddies as our international ambassadors of good will. Their new cd, Keep It Going, comes out today and we still have autographed copies left. You can only get these signed CD’s through our webstore so bup bup, hurry up!




Oh yeah, sign up for the e-mail newsletter on the front page because we are sending out a new one later today and Fat Mike has included some funny stuff about NOFX’s recent tour. Remember…if you don’t like something we do then put your money where your mouse is and yell at us about it here:

25Apr, 2007
Mad Caddies Keep It Going CD pre-order! Autographed copies through Fat mailorder.

Mother’s Day is coming up and I can’t think of a better present than some sweet reggae music. Everyone knows that 9 out of 10 mothers prefer irie spliffs and Jah grooves on their most special day…we did the market research…trust us. You’re mum’s in luck because you can now pre-order the brand new Mad Caddies CD, Keep It Going, which comes out next Tuesday, May 1st. If you order through the Fat webstore you can get an autographed copy of the cd (while supplies last so don’t get bent when we run out).

Here’s a little bit of info about the record for you…After 4 full lengths, one EP and a live record, Santa Barbara’s finest reggae, ska, punk, dixieland, rock, jazz, country, etc. band returns with their 5th full length record. Keep It Going lends itself heavily to reggae and takes the listener on a musical journey from lively Jamaican dancehalls to the underground DIY music venues of America. Features production work from Grammy award winning producer Wayne Jobson (No Doubt, Gregory Isaacs, Toots & the Maytals) and a guest appearance from reggae legend Duckie Simpson (Black Uhuru) on a cover of Delroy Wilson’s classic “Riding For a Fall”. Bup Bup!

The Caddies create some choice reggae jams but I think these guys aren’t too shabby either.




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