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27Oct, 2015
Fat Music For Fest People V – Wrecked at Fest 2015!

And so the annual migration to Florida is about to begin, but we’re no snowbirds, we’re going to The Fest in Gainesville! We’ll be bringing a selection of vinyl, a Fest exclusive t-shirt, and a super limited-edition version of the new Fat comp with an exclusive jacket and two different colored vinyl options! So come by our table and hang out! We’ll be at both Pre-Fest and Fest registrations! And then let’s live like we fucking mean it!

Art By: Richard Minino aka HorseBites

26Oct, 2015
The Loved Ones announce ‘Keep Your Heart’ 10th anniversary shows!

As you may know, The Loved Ones are getting together to play a series of shows this February in celebration of the 10th anniversary of their debut album, Keep Your Heart. A few shows have already been announced including: LA, SF, NYC, Philly and Boston. Today, we can reveal that the celebration continues to Chicago, Minneapolis and D.C! Tickets for some of the shows are available now (and moving fast) so don’t delay; these shows will sell out! Head back to our site on Wednesday because the rest of the dates go on sale then. Read a personal account for the impetus behind Keep Your Heart explained by Dave Hause below:

The Loved Ones was the first band I had ever been the singer of, and Keep Your Heart was the first full record I ever wrote. It was born from a lot of pain, mostly losing my mom after she battled cancer for 6 months, so it was incredibly close to the bone. Writing and recording those songs with Michael and Mike was a cathartic, explosive, and eye opening experience that informed everything I’ve done since, and that record put the band on the map. It’s important to mark anniversaries and celebrate them, and I’m looking forward to revisiting these songs with all of The Loved Ones, from both records’ line ups. That record was written as a love letter to my siblings as we grieved, and it’ll be great to celebrate the 10 year anniversary of it with fans in the cities the band loved most when we were touring extensively. Going back to it and knowing you can heal from life’s hardest struggles is something to celebrate, and I can’t think of a better way to do so than in rock and roll clubs with friends and family, turned up loud.

22Oct, 2015
The Flatliners added to Fat Wrecked for 25 Years in Japan!

The Flatliners will be steamrolling through Japan on their way to Australia! You heard us right: on November 23rd, just outside of Tokyo at Makuhari Messe, the Fat Wrecked for 25 Years in Japan show just got fatter! While it didn’t seem possible that we could jam another band on our already stacked show, we not only managed it, but still aren’t done! Trust us, you’ll want to head to our site on Saturday to hear the news because it’s a doozy. Here’s a refresher of who’s confirmed so far: NOFX, LAGWAGON, STRUNG OUT, GOOD RIDDANCE, SNUFF, SWINGIN’ UTTERS, WESTERN ADDICTION, THE FLATLINERS, MASKED INTRUDER, and TOYGUITAR! So, what are you waiting for? Come party with us!

21Oct, 2015
Closet Fiends – Debut EP out Friday

If you’ve been paying attention to Fat Mike’s social media (Twitter, Instagram), you know that he and Sturgeon from Leftöver Crack have been working with Sam, a homeless San Francisco youth, recording five original songs. The recording is now finished, and on Friday, we’ll be releasing Sam’s debut EP, Closet Fiends! Sam Sadowski, aka Closet Fiends, was born and raised in Austin, TX and left her hometown only after “fucking up over and over again in school, home, court mandated rehab, etcetera,” as she says. Traveling the country on freight trains, hitch hiking, squatting and generally transforming from a teenage punk to a homeless “crusty” anarchist traveler, she eventually landed in San Francisco without a guitar or dime to her name. But unbeknownst to Sam, her mother had uploaded a youtube video of her performing a song that would later catch Sturgeon’s attention, who then showed it to Fat Mike. As urgent as any suspense-thriller, they tracked Sam down and accompanied her to a music store where she picked up a banjo and proceeded to blow Mike and Sturgeon’s minds. Mike immediately offered to record Closet Fiends starting that very day. The five song EP will be released this Friday and if you live in the Bay Area, you can catch her performing this Thursday opening for the Subhumans at Thee Parkside and again on Friday at our record store opening. For now, listen to the first song from the EP below, then pre-order it today!

20Oct, 2015
New Leftöver Crack song!

Finally! The wait is over. You can listen to a brand new Leftöver Crack song over at Noisey right now! “System Fucked,” with guest vocals from Jesse Michaels of the legendary Operation Ivy, is an instant LöC ska-punk classic. Finding time to record with Jesse was no easy task as Sturgeon explains, “Jesse’s a busy guy. He’s been in the process of writing several books, including my favorite novel of 2014, The Whispering Bodies: A Roy Belkin Disaster. So, it took several years of planning & practice to lock him down for an hour in a studio in Southern California, which was actually perfect, because I was working on Constructs of the State for several years as well & I was forced to finish the lyrics to ‘System Fucked’ in time to record it with him. And in doing so, I found in Jesse what had connected me to Operation Ivy in the first place: a warm hearted person with his head on his shoulders, a social conscience & a wit to be reckoned with.” (More on the song here). Leftöver Crack’s long awaited third album, Constructs of the State, is out on November 27th but if you’re able to catch them on tour, you can grab a vinyl copy that they’ve somehow already gotten a hold of.

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