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13Nov, 2012
The Flatliners – Destroy To Create out today!

It’s release day for The Flatliners’ debut full length, Destroy To Create, available on vinyl for the first time ever. Pretty cool way to bring the band full circle as they’ll be kicking off their 10th anniversary tour in Canada this December. Check the dates here, then go buy their first record! If you missed what motivated The Flats to release this, read what Chris Cresswell had to say about it below:

“Ever unearthed an old drawing you did as a child at your parent’s house? Ever gone back and read the weird shit people wrote in your High School year book? Feels odd doesn’t it? You’re proud of what you’ve accomplished, but for some reason, you can’t help but laugh. Well this November, we will be releasing our first album Destroy to Create on vinyl for the very first time ever. The lovely folks at Fat Wreck Chords have reluctantly agreed to allow our die-hard fans to finally snatch up these songs on a piece of wax. And we think it’s a pretty cool way to celebrate the band’s 10th Anniversary.”

Head over to our player to listen to “I Am Abandoned” off Destroy To Create now!
Read a new interview with The Flatliners here.

06Nov, 2012
Swingin’ Utters & Old Man Markley 7"s out now!

Party people! It’s release day for two brand new 7”’s from the Swingin’ Utters and Old Man Markley! Head over to our Fat player as we’ve just posted a song from each release. Check em out, share on Spotify, tweet, and facebook that shit because the tunes are killer and a precursor to their full lengths due out early next year. Quick recap in case you missed our original post. The Swingin’ Utters 7” is titled The Librarians Are Hiding Something and Old Man Markley deliver a new two song 7” called Blood on My Hands. Both bands are touring, check the dates here! And, if you’re free on Friday, the Fat Wreck store will be open and the mighty Swingin’ Utters are performing! Get here early, drink beer with the band, and high five Pat from FAT for kissing James from Against Me! at Fest.

05Nov, 2012
Cobra Skulls try stripping in Vegas!

Stripping down to their acoustic guitars, that is. What did you think we meant? Come on! Devin and Tony are handsome guys, but one look they can’t pull off is clear six inch heels. Luckily for you we were referring to a acoustic performance they recently did of their latest release Eagle Eyes. Watch them belt out all three songs from the 7” below. And, if you want to picture Devin on a stripper pole while you watch, well… who are we to stop you?

24Oct, 2012
Snuff 5-4-3-2-1… Perhaps? Out today digitally!

You heard it folks, after a 10 year wait SNUFF returns with a brand new full length titled 5-4-3-2-1… Perhaps? Pre-order it now and you’ll immediately receive a digital copy. Say what?!? That’s right-though the release date isn’t until early next year, we’re jumping the gun and delivering the digital version of the full length immediately with the pre-order. We’re so good to you. So what are you waiting for? Grab it now!

23Oct, 2012

Cobra Skulls are tearing it up on tour in support of their latest release, Eagle Eyes. Grab it here if you haven’t done so, and head over to their website to watch their brand new video! Read what singer, Devin had to say about the single, and below that, his take on making the video. Enjoy, and hopefully we’ll see you at FEST!

“Luke and Tony and I are very proud of the new 7" single, Eagle Eyes. We worked on these songs for quite a while and the writing process was more collaborative than ever. Since Adam is not in the band anymore a lot of people, understandably, have been wondering what CS will now be like, so we wanted to record some new stuff and get it out there for a little taste. As the last remaining original member I honestly believe Cobra Skulls is better than ever. Now, if you know anything about CS, you know that we’ve always put out quite an eclectic mix of styles of music, so I wouldn’t look at these three songs necessarily as an indicator of a new direction CS is headed in, but more of an indicator of the new dynamics of the band that will certainly carry through to whatever we do in the future.”

“A lot of you have been asking for a new music video from Cobra Skulls and we finally got the time and resources to make a proper one for Eagle Eyes. We shot the whole thing over the course of a couple days around our home, San Francisco (including on location at one of our favorite hangouts). We’re pretty stoked with how it turned out thanks to director Jesse Cudworth, the Knockout and the friends that came to play a part. Hope you enjoy!”

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