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08Feb, 2010
New record from The Flatliners, out April 13th!

THE FLATLINERS have completed work on their new album Cavalcade. It’s packed with 12 infectious songs and will be released on April 13th. Check back soon as we’ll be unveiling a brand new track in the next few weeks. Read what Chris, singer of THE FLATLINERS, had to say:

When we were on tour last March, we met Joey from Full House (aka Dave Coulier) in a bar in Cleveland. I drunkenly slipped him a copy of ‘The Great Awake’ and we began talking about music and Canada. He turned out to be a pretty cool dude, other than ironically wearing a Betty Ford Clinic shirt while drinking red wine. Anyways, after Uncle Joey left the bar that night, the jokes began that we would name our new record ‘Dave Coulier Has Our Last Record.’ Once we sobered up in the morning and realized that was an awful idea, we decided to name our new album ‘CAVALCADE’. And we are beyond stoked to announce that it will be coming out this April on FatWreck of course.
Since every record is vaguely conceptual even if you’re not going for the painful uber-concept-record thing like Coheed and Cambria, and since we basically live like homeless people while we’re on tour most of each year, ‘Cavalcade’ has taken on the overall theme of unity through disconnectedness. Happiness in uncertain times. Humanity is flawed but we can all still party, right? That’s what we wrote about, and that’s how we live. We love what we do an couldn’t be happier with the way it has all turned out.

This record has been quite the experience for us already and it hasn’t even been released yet. To record an album between tours can become a bit of a fucked up process, but its been really cool to take our time with this one and include a lot of friends in the making. The writing and recording of ‘Cavalcade’ saw different seasons, exciting new jams, and now that we’ve announced it, an overall sense of accomplishment and relief. We were lucky enough to be able to include our friends from some great bands such as Dillinger Four, Cancer Bats, A Wilhelm Scream, Permanent Bastards, The Snips, Junior Battles and The Expos/Cavaliers, and have them all contribute a little something each. Cheers to all our friends for singing/playing on the record, to Fat Mike for coming up to work on stuff with us, to Ted Janik for helping us with all the technical difficulties, to Steve Rizun for being a fucking machine, and to Alex Snelgrove and John Meloche for making our record look incredible. We can’t thank these people enough for stoking us out and fueling our happiness. Most of all though,cheers to everyone out there who is as excited about this record as we are. We can’t wait for you to sing along with us.

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Check out THE FLATLINERS tour dates by clicking here!

04Feb, 2010
Fat Wreck Chords Haiti Relief Sale Raises over $4000!

We just wanted to say thank you to everyone who participated in raising funds for our Haiti relief sale. In one week we collected $4265 which we’ll donate in full to Partners In Health. There is still plenty of other cool stuff happening to try and continue raising funds. If you live in the bay area, check out the Slim’s benefit show for Haiti where Dead To Me will perform on Friday, February 5th. Also, has been adding collectable vinyl daily and has a ton of sweet items for you to choose from, even some rare <a href= target="_blank">*NOFX* vinyl that we donated. Click <a href= target="_blank">here to check it out and help them continue their Haiti relief efforts. Lastly, our good friends Propagandhi are making a digital EP to be released on G7, with proceeds going to Partners In Health. You can read about it by going <a href= target="_blank">here.

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02Feb, 2010 premieres new Tony Sly MP3!

Tony Sly, singer of No Use For A Name is set to release his debut solo album titled 12 Song Program on February 16th. is currently premiering a brand new track titled “Via Munich” and you can download it for free by clicking here! Karina Denike lends her vocals to this track and others on this release. Many of you may remember Karina Denike best from her Dance Hall Crasher days but she has been singing on her own for years and you can check her web site out here. Tony Sly had this to say about collaborating with Karina:

Karina Denike sings background vocals on this song as well as 6 others on the record. I wanted to give the whole record that old style feel when a female had to sing the high parts, long before pitch-shifting and auto tuning was invented.

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Check out Tony Sly’s tour dates here!

Click here to check out Tony Sly’s revamped MySpace page.

Sign up for Tony Sly’s newsletter on his MySpace or Facebook page.

Click here to download the “The Shortest Pier” off Tony Sly’s upcoming full length the 12 Song Program.

28Jan, 2010
Rare Vinyl & Collectibles sale to raise funds for Haiti!!!

We here at Fat, like so many others, are trying to do our part to help raise money for Haiti. That being said, we’ve dug up some of our rarest, most limited, and closest to out of print releases and collectibles and we’re making them available to you. But not for free. By purchasing any of these you’re doing your part and helping us do ours. ALL the proceeds from these purchases will go directly to Partners In Health to help provide relief to Haiti and its people. If for some weird reason you’re not into rare NOFX vinyl and would rather just donate directly to PIH, you can do that too by going here. The quantities of some of these releases are super limited, so check out what we’re offering and jump on it, cause what we have left is gonna go quick! In these times, what better way to spend your hard earned cash, get some awesome stuff and help those in need. It’s a win/win. Check back soon as we hope to add additional items.

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If you live in the bay area, check out the Slim’s benefit show for Haiti where Dead To Me among others will perform on February 5th!

Punknews and Paper and Plastic launched a series of benefit auctions at Click <a href= “target=”_blank">here for the details.

25Jan, 2010
New 7" from Smoke Or Fire, out on March 16th!

Smoke Or Fire are a crafty bunch. After touring the world on This Sinking Ship and remaining dormant for almost a year we had the good fortune of having a 7” dropped in our laps. Say what? Hold up, there’s even more. They’ve been writing, and recording demos for a follow up full length and have plans to tour to Harvest of Hope and SXSW. The 7” is titled Prehistoric Knife Fight and features two brand new tracks. To read more about what went into making the 7” take a peek at what Jeremy from SOF had to say:

So, on January 13th we headed into Sound of Music studios in Richmond, VA with our friend and engineer Casey Martin, to record two songs for our upcoming 7". The record will be titled Prehistoric Knife Fight and will be released again by our dear friends at Fat Wreck Chords. The plan is to hopefully have it ready for Harvest of Hope Festival which we’ll be playing in mid March. It’s been a while since we’ve released anything and we’re all really stoked to finally get something out. Sometime this spring we’ll be finishing up the full length. The songs are called “Speak Easy” and “Modesty”, A and B side in that order. None of this would have been possible without our friends in Landmines who lent us gear, a practice space, an engineer, and a drummer. Thanks guys!! Hope ya’ll like it as much as we do. See you out there.

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SOF tour dates!

Join SOF on Facebook by going here!

Click here to go to their MySpace page.

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