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20Sep, 2010
Screeching Weasel Television City Dream Reissue, out November 9th!

As the quintessential band of the pop-punk genre, SCREECHING WEASEL possess a sound and style as recognizable as that of the Ramones, Sex Pistols, or even The Clash. We’ve been retooling Television City Dream with Ben Weasel to give the original release a total face lift. The album is getting a full makeover: re-mix, re-mastering, and updated art. Most intriguing is that there were 5 songs from the TVCD session that were not included with the original release, but they are now back where they belong, re-sequenced into a 20-song opus and set to be re-released on November 9th, 2010. Check out what Ben Weasel had to say about the release below:

“The album sounds great now, like it was supposed to. I love the new art. The record never got its due, in part because it didn’t sound right. I always felt it was an underrated record”

Take a peek at Fat Mike singing “Peter Brady”€ with Screeching Weasel at their recent LA show! Click here to view their tour dates.

15Sep, 2010
Smoke or Fire, The Speakeasy out November 9th!

Smoke Or Fire are set to release their third full length on Fat titled The Speakeasy on November 9th, recorded by Matt Allison at Atlas Studio. A member change welcomes Ryan Parrish (Darkest Hour) who lends his talent on drums; while this recording marks the first time Gwomper (AVAIL) was part of the writing process since he took over stewardship of bass when long time member Ken Gurley left the band. The Speakeasy is a complete album in the truest sense, lacking nothing, while offering varied, yet equally enthralling melodies and music on each of the 13 tracks. Constructed around the cornerstone of the guitar driven, heavy punk rock sound they are known for, this album evolves much further. Innovative melodies are ushered along by clever guitar work as gruff vocals give way at times to a more polished pitch. Catch Smoke or Fire on a wee east coast run and be sure not to miss them at our CMJ showcase on October 23rd! Take a peek at what Joe McMahon had to say about recording The Speakeasy below:

We were so happy to be able to record the new record with Matt Allison in Chicago. Matt is not only a great friend of ours, but really becomes the 5th member of the group when you’re in the studio with him. We were working with a pretty slim time period on this record, and everyone really showed up. Ryan Parrish killed it on drums, and made such great contributions during the writing process. It was also a lot of fun to watch Gwomper record his Bass on the record. He gets so into it, I think he moves around more while he’s recording than he does on stage. The only hitch we ran into was me losing my voice half way through recording vocals. When that happens all you can do is wait until it comes back, and you have no idea how long that’s going to be. It took 6 days before I could start singing again. When the record was finished, Jeremy and I both agreed it was the first time we had left the studio with everything coming out exactly the way we wanted. The songs, the artwork…everything. We couldn’t be happier with this record.

14Sep, 2010
Banner Pilot, Resignation Day out today! Free download of “Overwinter”

Banner Pilot’s Resignation Day is out today and you can order it on CD or vinyl by clicking here! This is a re-release, remixed and remastered by Jacques Wait (The Soviettes, Off With Their Heads, Dear Landlord). Check out the two bonus songs that are out of print and hear a full album stream by clicking here! Additionally, we are giving away “Overwinter” as a free download so click here to get it right now! Take a gander at what Banner Pilot has cooking below:

"We’re stoked to get this release sounding the way we wanted it, and it feels like we’re finally able to do the songs justice. A few people who have heard it so far have said things like ‘I had no idea there was a lead in that part!’, and that’s cool to hear ’cuz we forgot some of that stuff was recorded, too!

Next up for us is Riot Fest and then a tour with our pals The Dopamines down to The Fest. Should be great. We’re working away on our next album and have about 7 songs that seem solid. Aiming to record next spring hopefully!"

Take a peek at Banner Pilot’s tour dates here!

09Sep, 2010
NOFX “Moderation” video premiere on MySpace!

MySpace is currently premiering a video from NOFX titled “Everything in Moderation (Especially Moderation).” The song comes from their latest release The Longest EP and the video was slapped together by our friend Jeff Penalty who helped make Backstage Passport. Check it out here!

07Sep, 2010
Fat signs OLD MAN MARKLEY! New MP3! NOFX hit the road in January, 2011!

When I hear someone say ‘newgrass’ I’m usually thinking it’s got something to do with a dealer getting a new connection or a dumb thing about resurfacing an outfield, but for the kids in Old Man Markley it’s more of a way of life. Nine punks playing together since 2007 with a penchant for old timey porch type shit and red white and blue acoustic guitars? Violins? Girls in the band? A fucking homemade washtub bass??? That’s right folks, we heard their album and had to have them. On October 26th, we’ll release a two song 7” titled For Better, For Worse and you can hear the title track by clicking here! Hell, we are giving it away for free, so download it right now and get stoked for their full length which comes out early 2011. Take a gander at their tour dates in September/October by going here.

And now, a word from Joey of OMM:

The night was moist. It was a Tuesday. We all sat patiently at Mark Stern of Youth Brigade’s house (name drop #1), glaring at a cell phone. It rang. Fat Mike (name drop #2) was on the other end. He said he wanted to put out the studio record we had already recorded (with Joby Ford from the Bronx, name drop #3) but not released yet. We said cool. We decided to wait until January to release the album and a 7” in October. It’s a lot easier to start with 7” and work up to 12”. “For Better, For Worse” would be the A-side and we thought a punk cover would be good for the b-side of the 7”. Screeching Weasel’s “The Science of Myth” was something we had fiddled around with, pun intended, and FM was down. We worked out an OMM arrangement and knocked out the song in a 17 hour day (with Jason La Rocca from the Briggs, name drop #4). The rest is future history.

The Bouncing Souls, Cobra Skulls and Old Man Markley will be joining NOFX on their first southeastern tour in more than three years. You can check out the dates below. Additionally, they’ve just announced they’ll be heading to Australia & New Zealand in December. Take a peek at what Fat Mike had to say about it here!

NOFX tour dates here

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