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23Feb, 2011
SWINGIN’ UTTERS to release ‘Here, Under Protest’ April 26th!

Punknews needs to work for the CIA because they always seem to know what our bands are up to. As purported by these illustrious demons (and we mean that affectionately); The Swingin’ Utters will release their next full length titled Here, Under Protest on April 26th! Tour dates can be found here! Check out what Johnny and Darius had to say about the release below.

Johnny: Sorry it took so long for Swingin’ Utters to release “here, under protest.” The title was taken from a blooper of Orson Welles bizarrely stating, “Here, under protest, is Beef Burgers.” We have plans to tour for this album. In July, the legends Reverend Horton Heat are taking us on tour. We continue writing new songs so as the next release won’t take so long. Thank you for your patience.

Darius: We slaved over these 14 songs for over a year, kind of. There were a lot of technical issues in (and out) of the studio that contributed to the huge amount of time it’s taken to put this record out. I’m proud of the end result, though, and hope that people are as excited about a new release from a bunch of old men as I am. We’re hoping to be on the road again on our own tour in June, then a west coast tour with the Reverend Horton Heat in July, a little more headlining in August, Europe in September, and beyond that we hope to go to Japan again and maybe Australia for the first time (?)! Buy me a beer!

15Feb, 2011
CHIXDIGGIT!, Safeways Here We Come out today!

Canada’s finest pop-punk export, CHIXDIGGIT!, are back with their latest masterpiece, a 7-song mini-album called Safeways Here We Come . The mini-album is available digitally, on CD and vinyl. Even though it’s been 6 long years since their last record, don’t expect any curveballs; this is classic CHIXDIGGIT! They’ll be hitting the road this spring, including a show at Screeching Weasel’s 25th Anniversary weekend in Chicago. Check out their tour dates here! And to listen to a stream of the mini-album, head on over here.

Take a peek at a review here!

10Feb, 2011
New Screeching Weasel MP3!

Finally! For the first time in 11 years, you can listen to a brand new Screeching Weasel song. Culled from the new album First World Manifesto, out March 15th, head over to Spin to download “Beginningless Vacation”.

That’s not all. Ben Weasel was recently interviewed by the MTV Music Book Club about his favorite piece of literature. And of course Screeching Weasel is hitting the road throughout 2011, with announced stops in Texas, the East Coast, and the Screeching Weasel 25th Anniversary weekend in Chicago. More dates to come!

10Feb, 2011
Pour Habit Got Your Back Out April 12th!

Pour Habit recently put the finishing touches on their second full-length album, Got Your Back, and it’s set for release on April 12th! As you may or may not know the guys in Pour Habit are some zany mother fuckers (see: obsession with Four Loko, blazing metal riffs, Jagermeister, crazy break dancing, etc.), and they’ve managed to pour (pun intended) every ounce of that crazy energy into the 13 songs on Got Your Back . Just take our word for it, this album is gonna absolutely melt your face. Or, you know what, don’t take our word for it. Go to the band’s facebook page, download the first track for free, and see for yourself.

03Feb, 2011
TEENAGE BOTTLEROCKET release Mutilate Me 7" on April 12th!

Fuck yes, Teenage Bottlerocket have a brand new 7”! It’s called Mutilate Me and comes out on April 12th! The three song 7” will be available digitally and obviously on vinyl. Check out what Ray from TBR had to say below:

We named the 3 song 7" after the title track “Mutilate Me”. It’s a song about preferring things a little rough in the bedroom. The second song “Punk House of Horror” is a warning about a house you wouldn’t want to visit or sleepover. While being on the road we’ve been unfortunate enough to end up at the Punk House of Horror a few times. It smelled. We recorded the final track for the Bad Religion tribute comp, but we ended up not making the cut. The tune is “Henchman” from No Control. We are heading over to Europe in April with NOFX and Old Man Markley. We are playing with Screeching Weasel on May 27th at Reggies in Chicago. We can’t wait to play, and hang out with everybody!

Check out TBR tour dates here!

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