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04May, 2018
The “Live in a Dive” Series Returns!

NOFX are up to their old hijinks in 2018! They have a smattering of tour dates, whispers of studio time being booked, and a new release slated for August 3rd! Say what? That’s right folks; you read that correctly. NOFX will launch the triumphant return of FAT’s popular “Live in a Dive” series, with the release of Ribbed! Though the album isn’t out until August 3rd, we’re amped to present “Just the Flu,” which is now available for download and streaming on iTunes, Spotify, and all your other favorite digital music sites. This is just a sampling of the fun to be had! Ribbed- Live in a Dive was performed and recorded in sequence; so, if you were too young to hear it or see it live the first time around, this is as true a form of going back in time as you can get.

Further, the vinyl includes a 2′ × 3’, two-sided NOFX poster featuring a current live shot of the band, juxtaposed with a vintage live shot (also included with CD through Fat mail order). You’ll have to keep your eyes peeled for our pre-order, as we’ll be launching it shortly. For those headed to the Punk In Drublic Craft Beer and Music Festival this weekend, or to any of the upcoming stops, you can pick up a Fat Music For Wrecked People: Punk In Drublic 2018, which includes a new NOFX song honed from this release!

02May, 2018
Fat Music For Wrecked People Punk In Drublic 2018

We’re heading to Texas, for Fat Mike’s Punk In Drublic Craft Beer and Music Festival this weekend and we’ll be slinging a bunch of music and merch! To celebrate, we’ve made a festival-exclusive six-song 7" for you to taste! Stop by our tent and grab yourself a copy of Fat Music For Wrecked People: Punk In Drublic 2018. The vinyl features three unreleased tracks from upcoming FAT albums. We’ll be selling this exclusive 7" at all the PID stops including Europe!

25Apr, 2018
New Mad Caddies Album! New Song! Pre-order!

News flash…we have a new Mad Caddies album! Rumors have been flying for the past few months, but today we can finally reveal the details of what Fat Mike and the band have been collaborating on. Mike wanted to put a reggae spin on some classic punk songs, so he enlisted the help of the Caddies, and Punk Rocksteady was born. The album features 12 classic punk songs, hand-picked by Fat Mike, completely reimagined with a reggae strut! No bullshit… this album would even have Bob Marley jammin’ to standards from the likes of Bad Religion, The Misfits, and Descendents. It’s not due out until June 15th, but don’t you worry. Brooklyn Vegan is premiering Mad Caddies’ rendition of Green Day’s “She.” Then, scope out the full track-listing and grab your copy today! You’ll be able to catch the Mad Caddies live, as they’ll be touring non-stop throughout North America and Europe! Don’t miss them.

Order here:
Australia/New Zealand: Fat Webstore hosted by Artist First for Vinyl
Europe: Fat Webstore hosted by Kingsroad for Vinyl
USA & everywhere else: Fat webstore for Vinyl & Digital

23Apr, 2018
The Bombpops Break up!

Relax everyone! No matter how you interpret the shenanigans going on in the new Bombpops video for “Dear Beer,” the band is not breaking up! The video is premiering in two places. Germany: Slam has you covered. Everyone else: head over to New Noise Magazine. The Bombpops video ebbs and flows with the challenges of being in a relationship, and sometimes you are just sick of someone’s shit! Our favorite part was when Polly flipped the table, which had to feel boss. Check out what The Bombpops had to say about “Dear Beer,” below:

We have had our fair share of band fights over the years, and we really had to channel those past moments for this video. Being in a band is a lot like being in a serious romantic relationship with multiple people. You have to take into account their feelings, their worries and when the shit hits the fan, it does seem like the end of the world.

The video allowed us to play out scenarios that we sometimes fantasize about. For example, sometimes you feel like putting down your guitar, walking away, and saying “fuck it,” and that made for some fun meta moments. At the end of the day, we love playing music with each other and this video allowed us to poke some fun at the fights we’ve had in the past.

Don’t miss The Bombpops on tour! Dates and info here.

18Apr, 2018
Get creeped out by The Lillingtons!

Alternative Press is premiering a brand new Lillingtons video for the song “Insect Nightmares,” off their latest full-length, Stella Sapiente. Directed by Mario Rivera, this video will prepare you for their unearthly live shows, which commence this evening in Minneapolis. The band will be touring with Make War, and you can view all the dates here! Then, open your mind to their insect friends with this quote from the band below:

“We chose to do a video for this song because we felt it was the most accessible song, both in terms of meaning and musical style. I think the footage sheds additional light on the true essence of ‘Insect Nightmares,’ and gives more insight to someone who might just take the lyrics at face value as just another cheesy B-movie song,”

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