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06Dec, 2016
Leftöver Crack heads to South Africa in 2017. Info and details here!

05Dec, 2016
The Bombpops just announced a California run of record release shows! New album – Fear Of Missing Out comes out Feb. 10th!

02Dec, 2016
We are very sad to report the passing of Bad Astronaut’s drummer, Erik Herzog, an exceptionally talented musician and lifelong member of the Santa Barbara music scene. Our deepest condolences to Erik’s family and to our friends in Bad Astronaut: Joey, Marko, Todd, Angus, and Thom.

01Dec, 2016
Don’t miss Zach Quinn from PEARS crooning to the masses on his solo tour! Dates here!

29Nov, 2016
Direct Hit! are playing Daytrotter this weekend. Check out this write up about it HERE

22Nov, 2016
New interview with Jay from Frenzal Rhomb.

18Nov, 2016
Mean Jeans are playing Portland tomorrow night!

16Nov, 2016
TILT is playing day 1 at The Lookouting: A Celebration of Lookout Records at Gilman!

15Nov, 2016
There’s a bunch of Fat bands on the Watch Dogs 2 game soundtrack! Give it a listen on their Spotify playlist.

11Nov, 2016
Here’s a write up on Night Birds Who Killed Mike Hunchback EP. They’ve got a few East Coast tour dates to close the year out.

08Nov, 2016
Fat Mike talks to CBC News in Canada about the US Elections.

07Nov, 2016
Stacey Dee from Bad Cop/Bad Cop talks with Dying Scene.

07Nov, 2016
Dying Scene has a photo gallery of Bad Cop/Bad Cop’s stop in Boston!

04Nov, 2016
Useless ID have some headlining shows after their run with NOFX.

04Nov, 2016
Here’s an interview with face to face. Don’t miss this out on tour now!

03Nov, 2016
Dyingscene caught up with Jack and Alex from toyGuitar out on their recent tour. They’ve only got a couple dates left!

02Nov, 2016
Dead To Me think Cracker Barrels are creepy. Check out this interview. Get out to their last shows of the year.

01Nov, 2016
face to face interview on Baby Huey & Chasta. Make sure to catch them on tour now!

31Oct, 2016
Useless ID hits the road with NOFX and PEARS this week! Read a new interview with vocalist Yotam Ben Horin.

31Oct, 2016
Another review of NOFX’s First Ditch Effort. Seems the reviewer didn’t quite listen closely enough to Sid and Nancy though!

28Oct, 2016
Win tickets to see Strung Out in Vegas on November 19th.

28Oct, 2016
Dillinger Four were named one of 15 must-see bands at Fest 15 by Brooklyn Vegan. We can think of a few more!

26Oct, 2016
Bad Cop/Bad Cop just got named the best punk band in Orange County by the OC Weekly!

26Oct, 2016
Berliners and Hamburgers! Get Dead has just 2 shows remaining on their European tour. Wild at Heart in Berlin tomorrow and Molotow in Hamburg Friday.

25Oct, 2016
Our friends in WIZO put on a new album this year! They are streaming it for free on YouTube. Give it a listen and go see them on tour!

24Oct, 2016
face to face start their tour today in Portland!

24Oct, 2016
Here’s an interview with Night Birds If you’re heading to Fest this week, be sure to catch them on Saturday @ The Wooly at 4:20pm!

21Oct, 2016
Check this interview with Bad Cop/Bad Cop who play Ska-lloween on Oct. 27th! Get all thier dates here

20Oct, 2016
Mean Jeans tour kicks off this Friday! Don’t miss it. Read this write up in Brooklyn Vegan.

18Oct, 2016
Get Dead just added some dates after they play The Fest!

18Oct, 2016
New Noise Magazine has a great list of bands you need to see at The Fest this year!

17Oct, 2016
Check out an interview with Smelly from NOFX over at OC Weekly!

14Oct, 2016
Great new interview with CJ Ramone. Don’t miss him with his adolescent backing band (and toyGuitar!) on tour now!

14Oct, 2016
Mean Jeans jumped on the CJ Ramone/toyGuitar show tonight in Portland!

13Oct, 2016
Me First and the Gimme Gimmes head to Europe in 2017!

12Oct, 2016
CJ Ramone’s West Coast Tour starts today! First week of shows with toyGuitar! Don’t miss it!

12Oct, 2016
Read an in-depth interview with Chris Cresswell of The Flatliners.

12Oct, 2016
Less Than Jake played a song on a trolley in San Diego for Karl Strauss Brewing’s Red Trolley Show.

11Oct, 2016
Get Dead are wrapping up their first-ever UK tour tomorrow night at the O2 Academy 2 in Islington, London. Don’t miss it!

11Oct, 2016
Celebrate 25 years of Chixdiggit! with this article at New Noise.

10Oct, 2016
New interview with Jack Dalrymple of toyGuitar about their new EP, Move Like a Ghost.

10Oct, 2016
Dying Scene interviewed Fat Mike about the new NOFX album, First Ditch Effort.

10Oct, 2016
NOFX’s Fat Mike will be doing an A.P. LIVE facebook Q&A today at 2:00 PM Pacific Time!

07Oct, 2016
Fat Record Store is open today from 4-6 for NOFX’s First Ditch Effort release day! Store Edition vinyl! With Fat Mike & Eric Melvin!

07Oct, 2016
Mean Jeans will be rockin’ and partyin’ at Fest 15

07Oct, 2016
Get Dead just kicked off their month-long Oktoberfest Tour European Tour!

05Oct, 2016
Check out AP’s interview with Fat Mike about the new NOFX album, First Ditch Effort.

04Oct, 2016
Check out a Damnation Magazine interview with guitarist Jake Kiley of Strung Out.

03Oct, 2016
Get Dead’s new album, Honesty Lives Elsewhere, gets another stellar review.

03Oct, 2016
NOFX’s Fat Mike (sorta) dances while being interviewed in Chicago.

29Sep, 2016
Venue change for Get Dead’s show in Boston. Show is now at Hardcore in Cambridge.

29Sep, 2016
New toyGuitar dates announced!

28Sep, 2016
PEARS have a trio of Texas shows that kick off this Friday! Get there…Yeeehaww.

27Sep, 2016
Just Added. NOFX are playing Pot Of Gold Festival in Arizona on March 18th, 2017!

27Sep, 2016
Did you miss Riot Fest? Do you miss Riot Fest? Check out this photo gallery from Chicago Riot Fest!

23Sep, 2016
Get Dead tour starts TODAY!

22Sep, 2016
Stinky’s Al Fresco is this weekend in San Francisco! Read this feature in New Noise Magazine and get out there and see the Gimme Gimmes!

22Sep, 2016
Head over to the Punksite and check out a Get Dead review for Honesty Lives Elsewhere

21Sep, 2016
Fest is coming up soon! Here’s a preview with Night Birds!

20Sep, 2016
The Flatliners are heading out with the Bouncing Souls this Fall for a few shows!

15Sep, 2016
Riot Fest interviews NOFX, Me First and the Gimme Gimmes, Swingin’ Utters, and Bad Cop/Bad Cop.

15Sep, 2016
Good read of the day: Noisey’s in-depth article and interview with Scott Sturgeon aka Stza Crack of Leftover Crack.

14Sep, 2016
Check out a Kennerddy interview with Jennie of Bad Cop/Bad Cop.

14Sep, 2016
Read an in-depth interview with Jack Dalrymple about all things toyGuitar and Dead To Me (plus a little Swingin’ Utters and Re-volts)!

12Sep, 2016
Night Birds added a few more tour dates for this Fall.

09Sep, 2016
Bad Cop/Bad Cop tour kicks off today in Minneapolis! Check out this cool feature with Jennie in New Noise Magazine!

08Sep, 2016
Chixdiggit have their own beer! Go enter this contest to win cool stuff! New album out next Friday!

07Sep, 2016
Toronto! Chris Cresswell from The Flatliners is hosting a screening of the ‘A Fat Wreck’ documentary this Friday at Hard Luck.

06Sep, 2016
Check out a review of Uke-Hunt at Great American Music Hall!

31Aug, 2016
Direct Hit are heading out on tour with Tenement!

30Aug, 2016
PEARS & Direct Hit! rolled thru Vegas recently. Punks In Vegas has a review for you!

29Aug, 2016
New Mean Jeans tour dates just added!

25Aug, 2016
Listen to a snippet of NOFX’s audiobook with Tommy Chong narrating!

24Aug, 2016
More CJ Ramone tour dates added today!

23Aug, 2016
Chixdiggit continue to celebrate 25 years as a band! Read this interview with KJ and see them live!

22Aug, 2016
Lagwagon are playing HOSS in it’s entirety at their Riot Fest aftershow! Get your ticket NOW

19Aug, 2016
Watch as Sainte Catherines celebrate 10 years of Dancing For Decadence this year!

18Aug, 2016
Couple new Night Birds shows just added!

17Aug, 2016
PEARS & Direct Hit! tour starts today!

16Aug, 2016
toyGuitar are joining CJ Ramone this October!

16Aug, 2016
Chixdiggit! are celebrating 25 years as a band with their own beer!

15Aug, 2016
The Flatliners recorded an acoustic song for charity. Give it a listen and purchase!

12Aug, 2016
Get Dead’s Western U.S. Tour starts today in Pomona!

12Aug, 2016
Get Dead will be playing Oakland’s own music fest, This Is My Fest and vocalist Sam King dishes on the bands he’s excited to share the stage with.

12Aug, 2016
Get Dead’s new record gets another killer review.

11Aug, 2016
Lesen sie einen deutschen beitrag des neuen Get Dead album, Honesty Lives Elsewhere.

11Aug, 2016
FEST 15 schedule is up!

10Aug, 2016
Scroll down this OC Weekly article to read about which flavor of bubbly water they think Bad Cop/Bad Cop are like, and find out where & when their FREE Orange County show is!

10Aug, 2016
NOFX is heading to Russia! Nostrovia!

09Aug, 2016
Killer review of Get Dead’s new album Honesty Lives Elsewhere.

08Aug, 2016
Night Birds are playing four shows with Descendents this Fall!

05Aug, 2016
Read a new interview with Zach Quinn of PEARS, who are currently on a UK run.

05Aug, 2016
Lagwagon is still on tour in Europe! Speakers of the Germanic languages: check out this interview.

02Aug, 2016
Get Dead are in Japan! Check out a review on Punknews for their new album – Honesty Lives Elsewhere

02Aug, 2016
WIZO has a new album coming out! Go pre-order it now!

28Jul, 2016
Bad Cop / Bad Cop Not Sorry vinyl back in stock in the webstore!

25Jul, 2016
Head over to Rocket From Russia and listen to an interview with Sturgeon from Leftöver Crack!

22Jul, 2016
PEARS just started their European tour!

21Jul, 2016
Lagwagon are bouncing around Europe right now! Check out this review from their show in Nottingham.

20Jul, 2016
Bad Cop/Bad Cop are heading to Riot Fest with surrounding Midwest dates!