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21Jul, 2014
NOFX reflect on 20 years of Punk In Drublic in this Alternative Press piece!

18Jul, 2014
Less Than Jake get interviewed by a fan, read it here!

17Jul, 2014
Mad Caddies Dirty Rice get’s another killer review! What are you waiting for? Grab it here!

16Jul, 2014
Old Man Markley have a few more dates before hitting the Capay Tomato Festival! Don’t throw tomato’s at them!

15Jul, 2014
Watch a new interview with Spike Slawson from UKE-HUNT here!

14Jul, 2014
GOOD RIDDANCE just added a couple of California dates! GET THERE!!!

11Jul, 2014
Head here to bid on some cool stuff we donated to the Chicago Coalition for the Homeless at Riot Fest.

10Jul, 2014
The Flatliners are on tour! Don’t miss them.

09Jul, 2014
Less Than Jake’s latest release, Do The Math gets a stellar review!

08Jul, 2014
Here’s a rad interview where Masked Intruder critique other masked cultural icons!

07Jul, 2014
Check out this acoustic session Get Dead did in Spain!

03Jul, 2014
It’s that time again! The annual Dillinger Fourth of July shows start tomorrow! We wish we lived in the Twin Cities this weekend!

02Jul, 2014
The Dirty Nil are hitting the road this weekend! Don’t miss them.

01Jul, 2014
Two for Tuesday from Jaded In Chicago! First up an interview with Banner Pilot! Then scope out a review of the new Masked Intruder!

01Jul, 2014
We’ll be at the second installment of the Bay Area Record Fair (BARF) this September. Check out their write up in the SF Weekly!

27Jun, 2014
Check out Officer Bradford in the recent issue of Alt Press! Then read this 5 star review of the new Masked Intruder album in Dying Scene!

26Jun, 2014
Sam, singer of GET DEAD gives the run down of city dwelling in San Jose, CA.

25Jun, 2014
Old Man Markley rescheduled tonight’s Chicago show to July 14th! Catch them out on the road now!

25Jun, 2014
CANADA! LAGWAGON just added two dates in August!

24Jun, 2014
Denver! Dillinger Four is coming for you!

23Jun, 2014
USELESS ID is heading to Europe this August. Don’t miss it!

20Jun, 2014
Anti-Flag are hitting the road in Europe! Chris #2 gave us a playlist of travelin’ songs!

20Jun, 2014
Descendents are gearing up to rock some summer shows!

19Jun, 2014
Masked Intruder’s tour starts today! Win free loot! Thank goodness for Google translate, read a new review of M.I. here!

19Jun, 2014
Check out the making of the new animated Less Than Jake video here!

18Jun, 2014
Another good review for SUNDOWNER’s Little Elephant Sessions.

17Jun, 2014
Curious how Masked Intruder crosses borders? Read a new interview with them!

17Jun, 2014
This NOFX vocal medley just made us Thank God it’s Monday

16Jun, 2014
Check out a killer Less Than Jake review over at New Noise Mag.

16Jun, 2014
Strung Out’s very own Jordan Burns has his photo in Transworld Motocross!

13Jun, 2014
Check out this sweet giveaway we’re doing for the Amnesia Rockfest!

13Jun, 2014
Head over to the Warped Tour webcast today to catch Less Than Jake and Teenage Bottlerocket!

12Jun, 2014
Bad Cop/ Bad Cop just added a bunch of tour dates, including EUROPE!

12Jun, 2014
Old Man Markley are heading to Canada today! Someone take Annie a Maple Leaf jacket!

11Jun, 2014
Win some Uke-Hunt stuff at Dying Scene!

11Jun, 2014
Less Than Jake and Teenage Bottlerocket are on the Warped Tour all summer! They are also on this comp. Get it!

10Jun, 2014
Check out a review for Chris Cresswell of The Flatliners solo record on Joey Cape’s One Week Records! Be on the lookout for the vinyl from us soon!

06Jun, 2014
Finally, something Masked Intruder didn’t steal!

05Jun, 2014
Here’s a pretty sweet review of Old Man Markley’s Stupid Today!

05Jun, 2014
Mad Caddies are heading to Europe this Summer and JUST announced U.S. Tour dates this August!

04Jun, 2014
Morning Glory are heading to the UK!

03Jun, 2014
Check out a new interview with Gord Taylor from The Real McKenzies over at Dyingscene.

02Jun, 2014
Check out this review of Masked Intruder M.I. by a real cop!

29May, 2014
Smoking new review for Masked Intruder’s M.I.!

28May, 2014
Head over the Dying Scene site to vote on who we are signing to Fat next! Results of the poll won’t affect who it is.

22May, 2014
Banner Pilot tour kicks off in Boston tonight. Don’t miss it!

22May, 2014
Congratulations to Bone from The Real McKenzies on getting hitched!

21May, 2014
NIGHT BIRDS are hitting the road today! Check them out on the west coast! Free show in our ware house tomorrow afternoon!

21May, 2014
Mad Caddies killed it in New York City last week. Here’s the proof!

20May, 2014
New review of Old Man Markley’s latest 7" can be read here if you’re German. If not, google translate can help confuse you further.

19May, 2014
Read a new interview with Keith Douglas from the Mad Caddies here!

16May, 2014
Check out this review of the Gimme Gimmes new album!

15May, 2014
New Noise Magazine just posted a Mad Caddies contest!

14May, 2014
Stacey Dee from Bad Cop/ Bad Cop appears on Ryan Young, from Off With Their Heads new podcast this week. Listen to it here!

13May, 2014
Attention bay area punks. Head to Thee Parkside tonight for Uke-Hunt’s record release show!

12May, 2014
We just posted a killer Mad Caddies tour contest over on our Instagram page, follow us here!

09May, 2014
Uke-Hunt’s Prettiest Star gets another glowing review.

08May, 2014
New Noise just posted an interview with Nate, and Nick from Banner Pilot! Read it here, then go see them on tour!

07May, 2014
Probably the best video you’ll watch all day. Milo from the Descendents singing ‘Quart In Session’ with NOFX at Groezrock!

06May, 2014
One Week Records teamed up with Chris Cresswell of The Flatliners to release his first solo record! Check out the first song here.

02May, 2014
Check out a new review of Old Man Markley’s latest offering, Stupid Today! Out May 6th.

01May, 2014
New review for UKE-HUNT’s, The Prettiest Star!

30Apr, 2014
NOFX are heading to Europe and they’ll be performing Punk in Drublic in its entirety at the Groezrock Festival. Who’s going?

28Apr, 2014
Nate from Banner Pilot picks his favorite Jawbreaker songs over at Noisey. Listen here!

26Apr, 2014
Check out this Bad Cop/Bad Cop review and if you are in SF come to their release show!

24Apr, 2014
We’re excited to announce that The Flatliners are playing Leeds and Reading Festival this summer, on the Lock Up Stage!

23Apr, 2014
TEENAGE BOTTLEROCKET kick off their tour today with Pennywise in Sacramento! Check their dates here.

22Apr, 2014
Banner Pilot’s Souvenir receives another stellar review. Don’t miss them on tour, dates here!

22Apr, 2014
Check out what Russ Rankin from Good Riddance had to say about contributing to The Songs of Tony Sly: A Tribute.

21Apr, 2014
Teenage Bottlerocket is heading to Brazil this September!

21Apr, 2014
In case you missed it, we have a contest for Strung Out and Banner Pilot going!

17Apr, 2014
Mad Caddies Keep It Going in Tempe at Club Red!

17Apr, 2014
Kye Smith is at it again! This time with a 5 minute drum chronology of Strung Out!

16Apr, 2014
Chixdiggit returning to rock after a year off!

15Apr, 2014
Another great review for Banner Pilot’s Souvenir.

14Apr, 2014
Europe, beware, Masked Intruder are heading your way this September!

11Apr, 2014
Get your NOFX summer fun tickets with Slighty Stoopid here and if you hurry, you can buy it without all the extra fees for $18 this weekend while supplies last.

10Apr, 2014
Chris and Jake from STRUNG OUT to teach at Hemet High School! Don’t skip class this day!

09Apr, 2014
Flatliners Caskets Full came out last Nov. Read how much Punknews liked it!

08Apr, 2014
Here’s a new review of Banner Pilot’s Souvenir coming out next week! Check out their May tour dates!

07Apr, 2014
Listen to an interview with Chuck from Mad Caddies about their upcoming Dirty Rice album release!

03Apr, 2014
Trailer number two for Strung Out’s brand new DVD, included in Volume One

03Apr, 2014
Hey Europe, get stoked! LAGWAGON is headed your way this August.

03Apr, 2014
Check out what Karina Denike had to say about contributing to The Songs of Tony Sly: A Tribute.

02Apr, 2014
Check out this sweet fan made video for “Who Killed Sensei” by Teenage Bottlerocket!

02Apr, 2014
Dave Gregg’s former D.O.A. bandmate Joey Shithead pays tribute, as do his recent bandmates in The Real McKenzies. Read more about Dave Gregg here.

01Apr, 2014
Morning Glory is playing a couple of shows with World Inferno Friendship Society. Check the dates here!

31Mar, 2014
You won’t want to miss the upcoming Swingin’ Utters shows, each with a classic punk band!

29Mar, 2014
Never been to a Me First and the Gimme Gimmes show? Well, this is what it’s like! You have been? Well this is what a Bad Cop/Bad Cop show is like too!

28Mar, 2014
NOFX is playing shows with Slightly Stoopid?! It’s true!

28Mar, 2014
The first review is in for Bad Cop/Bad Cop’s debut Fat record Boss Lady.

28Mar, 2014
The Flatliners are heading back to Europe this summer!

27Mar, 2014
Tangents! This is the theme of a new interview with Spike from Uke Hunt and Me First and the Gimme Gimmes.

26Mar, 2014
Brian from Night Birds gets interviewed by a nine-year-old. Hey serious interviewers, take notes!

26Mar, 2014
The trumpet player speaks! Read an interview with Keith Douglas of Mad Caddies.

26Mar, 2014
There’s gonna be a documentary about us and you can watch the trailer here. We hope it turns out good!

25Mar, 2014
Morning Glory’s War Psalms gets yet another great review. That means you gotta pick this record up today! New Yorkers: record release show this Saturday!

24Mar, 2014
Me First and the Gimme Gimmes rocked San Francisco last week, and here’s the proof! Japan is next!

21Mar, 2014
NOFX get the Lego treatment!. But when did Derek Smalls join NOFX?!

21Mar, 2014
A rare interview with Dome o’ Chrome himself, Descendents’ Stephen Egerton!