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Rise Against hits the scene, and hits it hard with their breakthrough release, The Unraveling. The Midwest finally has a reason to rock! Melodic hardcore with passionate vocals add up to a truly explosive debut.

16 song LP
CD is out of print

2016 Repress:
523 on Coke Bottle color vinyl. No Longer Available.

Track ListMP3Video
1:  Alive And Well
2:  My Life Inside Your Heart
3:  Great Awakening
4:  Six Ways ’Til Sunday
5:  401Kill
6:  The Art Of Losing
7:  Remains Of Summer Memories
8:  The Unraveling
9:  Reception Fades
10:  Stained Glass And Marble
11:  Everchanging
12:  Sometimes Selling Out Is Giving Up
13:  3 Day Weekend
14:  1000 Good Intentions Download
15:  Weight Of Time
16:  Faint Resemblance

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