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13Dec, 2016
The Real McKenzies – Two Devils Will Talk – out March 3rd!

Our favorite highlanders, The Real McKenzies, will be celebrating 2017 with a brand new album—Two Devils Will Talk—out March 3rd, marking their 25th year as a band. There’s a saying in Scotland: “Many a mickle makes a muckle.” This translates to: “Many a small thing makes a big thing.” This is especially true with the unique sound that The Real McKenzies’ have cultivated over the years. Two Devils Will Talk is packed with fourteen rousing songs that incorporate classic punk, hard folk, acoustic and electric instruments, all weaving in the Celtic influence for which the band is known. The result of all these combined elements is one of the strongest albums in the band’s entire career. These vagabonds have already lined up a North American tour with additional European dates to be added soon. Canadians: Stomp Records will be your source of this finely distilled recording on CD & Digital. We’ll be announcing our pre-order shortly, but in the meantime, read what bassist Troy Zak has to say about his clan’s latest offering:

“On the 25th Anniversary of The Real McKenzies, we remain true to our Scottish-Canadian Punk Rock ‘n’ Roll roots. We wrote an album about perseverance, determination, and staying true to our beliefs. The band has never hung up its hat even at the toughest of times and this album shows we are more relevant now than ever before.”

06Dec, 2016
NOFX: The Hepatitis Bath Towel, 1st Edition Hard Cover Book, and 2 New Records!

First off, let’s talk first editions. Normally, the first edition, hard cover version of a book is the first thing released. However, NOFX aren’t your normal authors, so they decided to wait and print up the hard cover edition of their New York Times Bestselling book, NOFX: The Hepatitis Bathtub and Other Stories, a few months after release. But it’s finally here and makes a great gift! This is the first printing!

Number two, we have a recently unearthed, crazy old NOFX recording to go along with the crazy old stories in the book. It’s a 4-song 7-inch EP that was recorded in a basement in Omaha, Nebraska in 1987! Comprised of songs that were never re-recorded for anything else later, it’s a veritable lost treasure. (Vinyl only, no digital!)

Number three in this Hepatitis Bath Bundle … the Hepatitis Bath Towel! That’s right, a full-size, 58″×28″ beach-style towel, boldly emblazoned with your favorite band’s moniker and the word “hepatitis” nice and big! Perfect for getting weird looks and carving out that spot at the beach to read your new book.

Number FOUR! Another 7-inch record. Many of you already have this one, as it was the secret bonus record in the NOFX First Ditch Effort album bundle that you probably received (a little late… sorry). If you got the yellow or orange/white vinyl with your bundle, then you got a much more limited color pressing. What we have today is the white vinyl (2,589 pressed) and black vinyl versions of Oxy Moronic, number 3 in our OD (Original Demo) Series. The b-side contains the radically different original demo version of “Oxy Moronic.” This record is sold separately and NOT part of the bundle. (No digital either!)

Last and least, number five: Fat Wreck Chords wrapping paper! Clearly you need something cool and inappropriate to wrap all this up in on the 26th, as you’re prepping your late, last minute gift. What better way to do that than FAT wrapping paper?! It’s a large, 24″×37″, folded sheet of wrapping paper adorned with our lovely logo, stacks of records, and some warming holiday cheer. (Note: if you want to guarantee you get the wrapping paper before Xmas, order that separately; the shipping is cheap and we can’t guarantee the book/towel/record bundle will arrive by the 24th, though we will be shipping them out starting December 19th).

Whew! We have plenty of these bundles, so take your time in getting your order straight before placing it!

22Nov, 2016
FAT signs The Bombpops! New Song Now!

The Bombpops shouldn’t be strangers to anyone frequenting our bands’ shows in California and beyond over the last half dozen years. With Teenage Bottlerocket and Swingin’ Utters tours under their belts – as well as opening slots with NOFX, Anti-Flag and countless others – The Bombpops have proven themselves, so we’re stoked to welcome them to the FAT family…most of whom they already know! Stepping up their intensity and songwriting chops, while retaining the fun, positive energy of their pop-punk meets So-Cal skate-punk vibe, The Bombpops recently completed work on their first full-length album, Fear of Missing Out. As focused and finely honed a debut album as you’ll ever hear, there was no way we could pass up the opportunity to release it. Here’s what Fat Mike had to say about the signing:
“I heard the Bombpops, saw ’em live, and thought they were pretty cool peeps, but no way was I gonna sign ’em. A couple years go by, and they send me this new record… and it’s fucking good. So I signed ’em. I guess bands can get better… NOFX certainly did.”
Enough blathering, listen to “CA in July” right now!

21Nov, 2016
NIGHT BIRDS Announce Mexico + Texas Tour!

Next February, Night Birds are taking their hardcore punk show to Mexico! They’ll also be doing a string of club shows in Texas with our buds, Drakulas. (The Texaco Tour?!) Head here for the dates and info; tickets go on sale this Friday. Then, read what Night Birds vocalist Brian Gorsegner had to say about this sick tour video below:

“Shoutout to a fella named Dan Brenkert who shot this footage of a bananas garage show we played in York, PA last month before our string of dates with the Descendents. We feel insanely fortunate to get to do stuff like open for our favorite bands in venues with a green room larger than my actual home, but shows like this one in York at Skid Row Garage will always be where we feel the most at home.”

18Nov, 2016
New Useless ID Video! Best of Frenzal Rhomb out today!

Frenzal Rhomb’s new retrospective, We Lived Like Kings (We Did Anything We Wanted): The Best of Frenzal Rhomb, is officially out today! This double album (and single CD) includes all the hits, spanning the band’s 24-year history. Containing 17 tracks never before on vinyl and 17 tracks never before on FAT, this is a must-own album for any discerning Frenzal Rhombite. Head over to Bandcamp, iTunes, or Spotify to listen to it in its entirety! Then, if you haven’t snagged a copy, you can do so here!

Next up, we have a brand new video from Useless ID! Head to Brooklynvegan to watch “Without A Choice,” culled from their latest FAT release, State is Burning. Read what vocalist Ishay Berger had to say about their views on animal cruelty below.

“Animal rights and punk rock go hand in hand. If you care about making a change in this crazy world, you should try and start the revolution within yourself. Useless ID is not a preachy band, but we always felt that Animal Liberation is essential to self-freedom and that it is hypocritical to strive for freedom, while giving a hand to death machines. This animated video was made by our friends Glendon and Isabella. The point of it is pretty simple, don’t do to others what you don’t want them doing to you.”

Don’t miss Useless ID on tour. They’re currently wrapping up their North American tour with NOFX and PEARS tonight in Dallas. Then, they head back west on a batch of shows. Don’t miss it!

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