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03Aug, 2015

On August 13th, at the Gramercy Theatre, NOFX will premiere their new movie: Backstage Passport 2! Following the movie, Jonah Bayer and Steven Smith from Going Off Track will interview NOFX and take questions from the audience. Head over to Brooklynvegan for the details, and a first glimpse into the inner-band meltdowns, shady promoters, tear gas, fires and more with the brand new trailer of BSP2! After the viewing and Q&A, toyGuitar will keep the party rolling with their infectious live show. All this will be capped off with a full set from NOFX, but don’t count on them playing The Longest Line here. They are saving that specifically for the Fat Wrecked For 25 Years Tour, which kicks off this week!

03Aug, 2015
New Flatliners song!

Launch into your week with a brand new song from The Flatliners! Today, Dyingscene is premiering “Lifers” off their upcoming release Division of Spoils, a massive collection of unreleased songs, b-sides and rarities that comes out this Friday! If you haven’t pre-ordered a copy, you can do so today! Then, head over to Substream for your chance to win tickets to the upcoming Fat Wrecked for 25 years Tour.

31Jul, 2015
Hi, we’re NOFX

Time to launch into the weekend with a killer announcement from Melvin of NOFX:

Did your face just look like this? Fuck, us too! After years of asking NOFX to please play “The Death of John Smith” live, we’re finally going to get it, along with the title song, the classic send-up “Kill All the White Man” and rarely-if-ever-played-live gems “Remnants” and “Stranded!” That’s right, NOFX will be playing the entire five-song EP The Longest Line for the first time ever on the upcoming Fat Wrecked for 25 Years Tour which kicks off next week!

31Jul, 2015
Never Forget Tony Sly

On this, the third anniversary of his passing, we remember our good friend Tony Sly. We miss his unique insight, humor, humility, and especially his crooked smile every day. Thank you for all you’ve done for our punk rock family. You are deeply missed and will never be forgotten.

30Jul, 2015
Lagwagon are gonna get TRASHED on the Fat Tour!

Does the word ‘duh’ mean anything to you? Lagwagon has announced that they’ll perform their classic second album Trashed in its entirety on the upcoming Fat Wrecked for 25 Years Tour which kicks off next week! This is it people, no more yelling at them to play “Lazy” or “Stokin’ the Neighbors” because you’ll hear the album from start to finish as it was released back in January of 1994. Here’s the ‘Wagon:

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