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17Jan, 2007
Only Crime pre-order and new Smoke or Fire mp3

We’re FREEZING and I feel like an ice cube but we’re not too cold to start packing up your orders for the new Only Crime record Virulence that comes out next Tuesday, January 23rd. We’ve stepped away from the fire we started in a barrel, slid our fingerless gloves on and put the record up for pre-order in our webstore. It’s the second full length record from 5 veterans of the punk/hardcore scene featuring Russ from Good Riddance, Bill Stevenson from the Descendents/All/Black Flag, Aaron from Bane/Converge, Zach from Hagfish/Gwar and Doni from Hagfish. Heavy punk and hardcore that mixes melody and rhythmic experimentation with their signature dissonant sound. We have also posted a link to brand new ringtones, a second mp3 and a cool contest. Russ may think it’s nice to be frozen solid while playing hockey but the only thing we want to chase on ice is a drink.


Smoke or Fire’s brand new record, This Sinking Ship, comes out on February 20th and we have posted the first mp3 from the record called “The Patty Hearst Syndrome”. The band recently made a video for the song and you can get a sneak peak at some photos from the shoot. They are currently planning a US tour so we will keep you posted. Remember you can also hear another new song from Smoke or Fire (and a bunch of our other bands) on our X-Mas Bonus Player. The holidays may be over but the gifts keep-a-comin’!

04Jan, 2007
Happy New Year! New Only Crime mp3!

Happy New Year! Ok, I know we are a little late but we had a wicked hurt champagne-sugar-headache so we are a bit groggy. One of our New Year’s resolutions, besides our serious physical and mental training for the big tournament, is to keep bringing you great music. We just posted the “first mp3” entitled “Take Me” from the upcoming Only Crime record,Virulence, that comes out on January 23rd. We have also posted the artwork for the upcoming records from Smoke or Fire and the Leftover Crack/Citizen Fish split cd. Don’t forget that you can hear brand new songs from all of our new releases on the Fat X-Mas Bonus player. Expect new releases from the Mad Caddies, Strung Out, Dillinger Four and many more.

Also, did you hear about NOFX planning to play entire records and specific songs off older releases at their upcoming four shows in West Hollywood? Yeah, neither did we and the bass player actually works here. They plan on playing The Decline, and Punk in Drublic in their entirety and a bunch of songs from White Trash… and So Long…. Get there early to watch them learn songs on stage.

14Dec, 2006

I know that you were probably looking forward to getting a succulent ham or a $36 gift certificate to Hickory Farms but we thought we would give you something where you didn’t have to look at your loved one and go, “Wow, a uh reindeer doormat…uh…I’ve been..wanting one of these? Thanks?” We present to you our X-MAS BONUS ONLINE WINTER RARITIES PLAYER! It features previously unreleased and rare tracks from NOFX, Strike Anywhere, Me First and the Gimme Gimmes, Lagwagon, etc. as well as brand new songs from Only Crime, Smoke or Fire, Leftover Crack and many more. You can stream it or just download the whole damn thing onto your walkman. The player is also available as a podcast (#8) here.

Stream/Download the “X-Mas Bonus” player:

30Nov, 2006
Holiday Mailorder Deadline!!!

We know that your arms are probably tired from putting people in headlocks in order to get a Playstation 3 and thoroughly and properly ignore your family for the holidays but we wanted to tell you about some end of the year happenings here at Fat. We will be closing for the holidays so any orders placed in the webstore after December 12th most likely won’t be shipped out until after we get back in January. Also, we are having a massive holiday t-shirt and sweatshirt sale. It’s a good time to order now because most of our shirts and sweatshirts will soon be discontinued! Lastly, we are cranking away on our online winter rarities bonus player and we should be able to post that soon. It will feature previously unreleased and rare tracks from NOFX, Strike Anywhere, Me First and the Gimme Gimmes, Lagwagon, etc. as well as brand new songs from Only Crime, Smoke or Fire, Leftover Crack and many more. Now you won’t have to listen to that horrible song about that total pile of crap snowman and his COAL EYES. Come on man, the world’s global temperature is rising and this guy still wants to use a fossil fuel for eyes? Outrageous!!! Don’t get me started about his pesticide-ridden, genetically-engineered nose either. It’s selfish if you ask me.

14Nov, 2006

With Thanksgiving on the horizon I thought I would give you something to be thankful for other than a dry turkey or that tube-shaped, cranberry thing that kind of looks like a gelatinous, rolled up sleeping bag… BAD ASTRONAUT Twelve Small Steps, One Giant Disappointment. This is the third and final album from the indie rock side project of Lagwagon’s lead singer and songwriter Joey Cape. This 7-piece band features Marko from Sugarcult and former Lagwagon drummer Derrick Plourde. As a pony-tailed label schlep, I’m not supposed to tell you about where you can hear numerous songs from the record for free but we have two mp3’s up here, you can hear “Stillwater, California” here and what the hell…you can hear the whole damn thing here. Don’t forget about the Joey Spews section of the band’s website for constant updates. Now you can go back to watching your dad chugging “pilgrim punch” and fall asleep yelling at the Cowboys…maybe that’s just my family. NO THANKSgiving!

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