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20Apr, 2006
New form of torture: Fat ringtones!

Ever been on a crowded bus and wanted to further embarrass yourself? Well, now we got Fat ringtones.

Ever wanted to have that perfect ring for when Grandma calls? Well, now we got Fat ringtones.

Ever thought technology has gotten way outta hand and wondered why punk rock seemingly and suddenly revolves around the internet? Well, now we got Fat ringtones.

Oh don’t be such a wuss. Go here if you wanna get some ringtones or cell phone wallpapers. We hear that they’re really cool overseas, so we hope they’re right.

10Apr, 2006
New mp3 & video from NOFX!

Get hyphy! Wolves In Wolves’ Clothing is out April 18th and we’re giving away some cool shit through Fat Mailorder. A bottle opener with CDs, and a sticker for LPs. Pssst! The free shit is gone, sorry!

A note to overzealous, maniacal record-collecting nerds: the LPs will be available on Wednesday. One LP per household. Unless you can really prove that you live in a punkhouse/squat.

We’ve also got a new NOFX mp3 for y’all to hear. We know the record has yet to leak online, and the wait must be KILLING some of you, so we hope this helps ease your anxieties. Whatever we can do to accommodate…

Their new vid is now available. Mojo risin’.

27Mar, 2006
Fat Podcast, Episode Two: The Wrath Of…

March’s Podcast is finito. And this time Fat Mike and Floyd suit up and investigate a crashed vessel which turns out to be (gulp!) the Botany Bay! Okay, so that was a metaphor. But this new Podcast is full of high-flying thrills, galactic action, and a bunch of shit-talking, of course.

By now you should know how to subscribe to this thing (we’d tell ya if we knew), but you can download it here.

13Mar, 2006
NOFX online, TLA vid!

As y’all know, NOFX’s CDEP, Never Trust A Hippy is out on March 14th. If you wanna get all technological and shit, you should check out their new e-card. When you’re done with that you should visit because you can stream the whole EP. Free tunage! And since we’re giving everything away nowadays, it should be noted that we’re giving away free NOFX stickers right now with all our mailorder. Hey, the price is right….

Also over at is the premier of The Lawrence Arms new video. Remember people: nothing is more punk than bums. Ready up that mouse o’ yours and get over to their Media section.

01Mar, 2006
Fat Mike & Floyd host Fat podcast!

It’s Fat Podcast, Episode One: A New Hope. Floyd’s ear-splitting tirades around the Fat office are the stuff of legend, but alas, he has met his match…the microphone! Strangely enough, the mic seemed to affect Floyd as though it were a psychological muzzle, if you will. So what the fuck were we talking about? Oh yes, podcasts! It’s a team show hosted by the boss (Fat Mike) and the poster boy (Floyd) that features new Fat stuff and some other bizarre musical selections. Subscribe to it, get it from iTunes, or download it here. Just don’t ask us any questions, ’cuz technology is spooky. We even had a great guest cameo at the end, give ’er a listen!

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