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14Sep, 2006
Strike Anywhere is up for sale in our store!

With the hurricanes a comin’ and the President blowing your blood money on fancy plane rides campaigning for his buddies it may seem bleak out there but we got some good news for you. The new Strike Anywhere CD/LP Dead FM is now up for sale in our web-store. It comes out next Tuesday, Sept. 5th. You can even get a Strike Anywhere punk patch with purchase of the CD or LP while supplies last! There’s a ton of stuff going on in the Strike Anywhere camp so here is a quick list…

Video for “Instinct” debuts on Myspace
Massive US tours complete with ticket buy links
Stream the entire new album here
Live hometown radio interviews on WRIR, tonight, August 30th at 8pm EST and WDYL, Friday, Sept. 1st at 8am EST. Click both links to listen live!
Awesome value added items with purchase of the new record

14Sep, 2006
Propagandhi up for songwriting award, vote for them!

Propagandhi imparted me with these astute words this morning, "Chris here. A wise person once said, “Awards are like hemorrhoids: eventually every asshole gets one”. To commemorate Propagandhi’s song A Speculative Fiction the band has been nominated for a Canadian creative songwriting contest. Go here to cast your ballot and I guess you can vote once a day until Oct. 12th. There’s a $5,000 prize and if they win they will donate a portion of the proceeds to the Haiti Action Network and The Welcome Place. Help out your fellow humans by voting for the boys!

29Aug, 2006
Baseball’s Worst Team Fires Punk’s Best Cover Band

So you may have read here about the Gimmes pulling a Bill Buckner at the Pirates game over the weekend. Apparently dudes with sunflower seeds in their goatees and giant foam fingers didn’t take kindly to the boys putting the magic touch on their favorite jams and the band was asked NOT to return to the stadium for their final two shows! Spike commented, “That’s the most people that ever booed me in my life” and I think Dave’s expression sums it up perfectly. How could 32,000 people not get the joke? Boy are they really going to be kicking themselves in a…uh, well…maybe not. The Pirates are 51-81 though so up your butt Jobu.

22Aug, 2006
Another mp3 from Strike Anywhere!

Their new record, Dead FM, is only two weeks away and we have a new song to tide you over: Instinct. If you have one of those mobile phone thingies, you can get a buncha new ringtones": from the upcoming album. And of course we can’t forget to mention their upcoming tour, and you should also know we’ll be throwing in a free Strike Anywhere patch for Fat Mailorder. Check out that new song and get lost in the music, dawg.

21Aug, 2006
Gimme Gimmes at the ballpark, see the new record!

Get this, Me First And The Gimme Gimmes will be playing the Pittsburgh Pirates “Skyblast” on August 24th, 25th, and 26th. Not sure what that entails, but it’s a homecoming of sorts for frontman Spike who hails from the Iron City and has the Heinz Ketchup and Steelers tats to prove it. Maybe the Caper will channel the spirit of Roberto Clemente? It should also be noted that the Gimmes are wrapping up their next record, Love Their Country, which comes out October 17th.

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