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04Oct, 2006
NOFX South America Tour Update

Fat Mike sent us a report from their tour in South America. Diarrhea, joints and missed flights…sounds like a blast.

Hello, Fat Mike reporting in from Buenos Aires. So far this tour has been awesome aside from a few missed flights and food poisoning. The good news is we will be playing the next few shows in Lima, Santiago de Chile, and Guayaquil. The bad news is the shows in Colombia and Venezuela are cancelled because the original organizers lied to us repeatedly (the promoters Cheo in Caracas and Sergio in Medellin are not to blame). In fact the club Santiago booked us in Bogotá had no idea that any show existed. We apologize to all the kids who bought tickets in those countries. Hopefully you all can get your money back. For sure, we are not getting our $25,000 back that we spent on plane tickets. Had the promoters in those two countries actually bought us the tickets they said they had bought, we wouldn’t be having these problems. Anyway, I’m not gonna go into all the details of how we’re getting screwed. All I know is that every other show in South America has been super cool and we’re having a great fucking time. Thanks to all the kids who are showing up and throwing joints at us. See ya around, Fat Mike.

Check out this message in Spanish

02Oct, 2006
New Gimmes e-card and video (sort of)

We posted the e-card for the new Me First and the Gimme Gimmes record in the media section. Also, go ahead and rubberneck this video that somebody made of the Gimmes version of Goodbye Earl laid over the original video by the Dixie Chicks. How exquisite is the NYPD Blue dude’s mustache? It’s a top caliber cookie-duster. Joey had this to say about the video, “That is the best thing I’ve seen in a while. It works perfectly with our version. I wish it really was our video.” So do we man.

21Sep, 2006
Gimmes Up, Hodown Photo Shoot Video

Hey cowpie, peep this fancy moving picture of Me First and the Gimme Gimmes that one of their pals shot during a recent photo shoot for their upcoming record Love Their Country. Nature and animals have a delicate way of saying, “Don’t fuck with me” so you have to watch until the very end to see the Gimmes get “bucked” with. It’s way different than the video of them at that donkey show in Tija…um, nevermind. Oh…my…god!…look away, look away, look away.

On a side note…seriously…how bad ass is Joey’s dancing? I’m not joking. Someone let that intergalactic funk-machine out of his cage. I think he’s too busy humping the stage in Lagwagon to let the moves lay the grooves.

20Sep, 2006
The Sainte Catherines win an award!!!

This is “aboot” the best news we’ve heard all week. The Sainte Catherines won an award for “Best Punk Album of the Year” at the GAMIQ (Quebec Independent Music Awards). More than 1,300 people in Quebec vote for the award and Hugo had this to say about taking the honor, “Doing independent and underground music, it’s not a step before being mainstream. It’s a choice, a lifestyle.” Don’t forget that the Catherines are taking this lifestyle on the road for Cracktoberfest when they hook up with Leftover Crack, Citizen Fish & Dead To Me. Oh man, this is such and honor just being nominated…I’d like to thank the academy, the squatters, the tri-hawks…

PS…If you go here and hold the cursor over “Voxpop 52” and click on “6” and wait until about 11 minutes in then you can watch the band accept the award orrrrrrrrr you will save the princess…right, left, down, a, b, pause, left…crap!

14Sep, 2006
New Me First and the Gimme Gimmes song posted!

Make like an ear of corn and listen up! Head on over to the mp3 page because we just posted a brand new Me First and the Gimme Gimmes mp3 from their upcoming record Love Your Country that comes out Oct. 17th. The song is called “Goodbye Earl” and it was originally performed by the Dixie Chicks. Now before you get all, “The Dixie Chicks aren’t punk blah, blah, blah, Shania Twain is way more…blah, blah, blah…” you do remember that the Chicks stood up to the President about this illegal war we are in and then when everybody started giving them shit, they didn’t back down for a second. I am sure you also didn’t know that a Mr. GG Allin played fiddle and rhythm banjo on their very first demo. I’m serious. I think they are one of us so let’s welcome them into the pit. We know there is a “Cowboy Up” sticker underneath your Rancid sticker on your maroon Mercury Tracer anyways so just chill. Word on the street is that the Gimmes are gonna play some East Coast shows soon but for now go check out the song.

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