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30Jun, 2009
New EP from Paint It Black, out on August 18th!

We are pleased to announce the release date, tracklisting and cover art from the beloved hardcore punk band Paint It Black due out on August 18th. This new four song EP titled Surrender is part two of their 7” EP’s planned for the summer. The first, Amnesia was released by Bridge Nine in June and you can read about it here and hear a stream of the 7” here. Paint It Black are renowned for their live shows and lucky for us they have announced tour dates in September on the east coast and abroad so be sure to check them out!

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Track List:
1: Sacred
2: Worms
3: Cipher
4: Surrender

24Jun, 2009
Against Me! Unsubstantiated Rumors Download and Pre-Order

Download “Unsubstantiated Rumors” from Against Me! right here and pre-order The Original Cowboy due out on July 7th here.

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If you are quick, you can procure a free button or perhaps one of the limited edition color vinyl versions floating around in the mailroom while supplies last, so act fast!


10Jun, 2009
New American Steel MP3 available for download, and Fat Mike tells the ugly truth about *NOFX*’s latest comp contribution!

American Steel have posted the first track from their upcoming release, Dear Friends Gentle Hearts, out July 21st. Ring in the summer with this rousing, raucous tune, “Emergency House Party”. The band suggests some recommended listening activities right here.

NOFX are featured on The Warped Tour comp out on Side One Dummy. You can get your copy here, but you may want to hear what Fat Mike had to say about the wheelings and dealings that went into the “business negotiations” first:

Hi everyone, here’s what happened: some people at Side One Dummy Records asked NOFX to be on the cover of the Warped Tour comp. We said “NO!” . Then they sent over some “Comp”-romising photos from our last trip to Japan that no one really needs to see. So we let them use a picture of me and Hefe for the cover. A week goes by and I get a call from them again. This time they want an unreleased song for the comp. I told them to go to hell. Then they sent over more photos. The next day NOFX went into the studio and recorded a new song for them. They liked it so much they only charged me $10,000 for the remainder of the photos. Thanks guys. You’re the best! Fat Mike

OMG, Mike, TMI!!!

09Jun, 2009
Paint It Black 7" out on Fat August 18th!

We are proud to announce we will be working with the crème de la crème of contemporary American hardcore—a little band called Paint It Black. After releasing three full length albums, PIB has decided to return to the 7” format, as they explain here:

We feel really fortunate that we’ve been able to release 3 albums that have been both exciting for us, and also well-received by the kids and the press. That being said, we can’t think of a single hardcore punk band that has released more than 3 awesome full-length records, and we’re not nearly arrogant enough to imagine that we’ll be the first band to make that happen. The 7” EP has always been the ideal context for the kind of music we play, and so we’ve decided to release music in that format for the foreseeable future. The most exciting thing about this decision is that we don’t have to wait so long to release a new record, which lets us be more spontaneous and stay more intimately connected with the kids that support our band. So to sum up, we are stoked, and we hope you are too.

This well-spoken, passionate, technically formidable quartet will be releasing two 7” EPs this summer. The first will come out next week on Bridge Nine, the second, right here on Fat Wreck Chords, August 18th. It will be available on vinyl and as a digital EP. More info coming very soon.

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26May, 2009
Pour Habit Suiticide out today!

We are proud to bring you Pour Habit’s first ever Fat Wreck Chords release! They are currently out on tour with NUFAN & Only Crime—check out the dates here, and get your copy of Suiticide here:

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Fat Mike had this to say:

So, Pour Habit’s record comes out today. It’s pretty cool. I just got off the road with them and I gotta say, one of the best bands we’ve ever had open for us. Whether or not you buy their album, you should for sure see them live and buy them drinks. And if you give the singer a dollar, he will spin on his head for 5 seconds. True story.

Oh, and one more thing:
Just for the record I wanted to say that I wrote the song, “Creeping Out Sara” to be funny and offensive and even a bit danceable. There seemed to be no problem, until a couple of magazines printed that NOFX were dissing Tegan and Sara in the song. Totally backwards. I was dissing myself in this song. I like Tegan and Sara and Sara was a total sweetheart when we met and talked that day I sing about in the song. The next day I felt like a total creep, so I wrote a song about how lame and inappropriate some of my questions were. So yes, there is offensiveness and disrespect in the song, but it’s all directed at me, Fat Mike (Drunken Creep, opponent of Prop 8, Morman church hater, and proud writer of many offensive songs).

Now Iron Maiden on the other hand…

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