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23Dec, 2009
New Tony Sly MP3!

Tony Sly is in the holiday spirit as he just posted a brand new track titled “The Shortest Pier” off his upcoming solo album titled the 12 Song Program due out February 16th. Tony Sly had this to say about the track “This is one of my favorite songs on the new record. It’s pretty dark and moody with sort of an uplifting sounding chorus yet really miserable lyrics about dealing with life by combating it with booze.” Now, go cozy up with your spiked eggnog and pre-order your copy right now by clicking here.

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Don’t miss Tony Sly live next year, check his dates here

16Dec, 2009
New solo record from Tony Sly, out February 16th! Pre-Order Now!

After 20 years of turning out music with punk outfit No Use For A Name, Tony Sly is set to release his first solo full length. It is titled 12 Song Program and is due out February 16th. Folks can expect guest appearances from Karina Denike of Dance Hall Crashers, Darius from Swingin’ Utters and Joey Cape of Bad Astronaut/Lagwagon fame. Additionally, Tony Sly has announced tour plans for 2010 which include a west coast run with Chris Shiflett from the Foo Fighters and a European tour with Joey Cape. Click here to view the dates! To delve a little deeper into what motivated Tony Sly to release a solo record, read below:
I decided to do a solo record because I had some song ideas that wouldn’t work for No Use. I’ve been wanting to do this for several years but I just never had the time. I also wanted to get some of my more folky influences on a record. I think you’ll hear that this is not an acoustic NUFAN record. I think some songs just can’t be made into punk songs like some punk songs can’t be made into acoustic songs. I also like the idea of having the freedom of playing shows on the fly, being able to show up at a bar with just a guitar and have enough material to play for an hour or so. I’m getting some good feedback and good tours lined-up for 2010. Should be interesting.


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08Dec, 2009
Fat Wreck Chords box set is out today!

Get your hands on our Fat Wreck Chords box set by clicking here! The smartly titled, Wrecktrospective contains 3 glorious discs chock-full of entertaining stories provided by the bands, and a fold out poster; just like the ones you hung on your wall when you were a kid. Is that too retro for you? Well, we are celebrating 20 years of nonstop hit records and finally have put together this fine Fat Wreck Chords box set just in time for the holidays. Here is a rundown of what you can find on each disc: The first is a greatest hits of Fat, featuring 33 bands. The second, 28 previously unreleased demos! Finally, the third disc is the extremely limited Fat Club 7” series in its entirety, previously unavailable on cd. Enjoy!

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Want to win a box set, rare vinyl? Click here to enter!

24Nov, 2009
NOFX, Cokie The Clown out today! Pre-order the Fat Wrecktrospective right now!

Release day is finally upon us for NOFX’s Cokie The Clown and you can get yours by clicking here! Just to recap, this EP/7”x2 will be available on cd/vinyl and digitally. This release has five brand new songs by NOFX released on one CD and split up on two different 7”s. The CD EP is titled Cokie the Clown. The first 7” is also titled Cokie the Clown, go here for details! The second 7” is titled My Orphan Year, click here for details. If you missed the new NOFX video, don’t delay and click here to be grateful you were nowhere near this clown!

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Another stellar review of Cokie The Clown, click here to read it!

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Pre-order the Fat Wrecktrospective right now!

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19Nov, 2009
Exclusive NOFX EP premiere on MYSPACE!

I know we’re all agog for the new NOFX EP and the wait is over! MySpace has an exclusive premiere streaming right now, click here to give it a listen. The NOFX EP comes out on November 24th and you can pre-order it right now by going here. If you missed Fat Mike prancing around Chicago blasting unsuspecting friends with white powder, fear not as we’ve got it for you to view below.

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