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24Oct, 2017
We signed another band…THE LAST GANG!

The Last Gang has long been a favorite of ours at the FAT office, so we are thrilled to announce that we get to put out their next record! On December 8, Orange County’s The Last Gang, will make their Fat Wreck Chords debut with the two-song 7-inch, Sing for your Supper. The 7-inch features a brand new song culled from their upcoming full-length — details to be announced soon — but the B-side is exclusive to this release, and available for pre-order now! Since we are terrible at keeping things to ourselves, we wanted to share the title track, “Sing for your Supper,” which is just a taste of what’s coming down the pike. We promise that you’ll immediately fall in love with their infectious energy and huge hooks. Be sure to give them a follow , and stay tuned, as we’ll have more news soon!

23Oct, 2017
Fat Music For Fest People VII!

Welp, it’s time for FAT’s annual pilgrimage to our Nation’s repository for excess stupidity: Florida. That’s right, Fest is upon us. So, wade through the sea of unkempt beards and warm PBR to our booth at The Prefest Flea Market (on Wednesday) or at The Fest Flea Market (on Friday), and you’ll be rewarded handsomely. We’ve got our yearly Fest Music For Fest People comp – this year with 5 unreleased tracks! We’ll also have some other rare vinyl, San Francisco and European record store editions, a super limited Fest shirt, and some other merch that we aren’t legally allowed to discuss. Oh, and by the way, this ain’t just about us hooking you up with a ton of cool shit. A bunch of our bands are playing both Tampa and Gainesville, so go check them out!

19Oct, 2017
Darius Koski – New Song Premiere!

Darius Koski’s diverse new album, What Was Once Is By And Gone, comes out in just two weeks, and is up for pre-order now! Today, Brooklyn Vegan is premiering the second single, the Americana roots-based album opener “Black Sheep.” Here, you’ll hear wisps of The Kinks and shades of Johnny Cash, specifically during his acclaimed American Recording series. “Since I was a little kid, I’ve always listened to every genre of music,” says Koski, noting that his genre-less writing approach has long been embraced by his beloved punk band, Swingin’ Utters. “We’d always have one song on the album that was a little bit out there,” says Koski, taking pride in the fact that he’s been writing songs that divert from people’s preconceived notions for his entire career. You’ll be able to hear his latest opus, What Was Once Is By And Gone, live this November, as he’ll be touring with a full band opening for the Swingin’ Utters. Dates and info here!

17Oct, 2017

Today, PEARS and DIRECT HIT have a new, unsettling video premiering over at Alternative Press! Click here, to watch both “Blood on Your Tongue” and “Arduous Angel,” two songs off their upcoming split release, Human Movement. Out November 3, this 12 track scorcher features five new songs from each band, plus one cover of their counterpart’s material. In the spirt of Halloween, enjoy the frightfully gory video, and then pick up Human Movement at our European webstore and our Australian webstore.

13Oct, 2017
The Lillingtons – Stella Sapiente – Out Today!

The first Lillingtons full-length in over a decade is out today! A Fat Wreck Chords debut: Stella Sapiente, a title that vocalist-guitarist Kody Templeman says roughly translates to “wisdom of the stars”…a phrase that proves apt given his claim that it’s “centered around secret societies, astrology, and the occult.” Intrigued? You can absorb all of this by heading to YouTube, Spotify, or Apple Music to listen to the entire album. Better yet, get yourself to Florida where they’ll be performing their last two shows this year. Then, check out a trio of reviews: here, here, and here!

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