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23Aug, 2016
We Lived Like Kings – The Best Of Frenzal Rhomb. PRE-ORDER NOW!

Our favorite Aussies, Frenzal Rhomb, have a LOT of records. Seriously, they have eight full-lengths and at least twice as many singles & EP’s! Who knew? Not us, as we seem to have missed out on half of them ourselves! So, as a courtesy to you, the ‘’Bird Attack’’ enthusiast who doesn’t know where to begin with their back catalog, today we offer you this: We Lived Like Kings (We Did Anything We Wanted): The Best of Frenzal Rhomb. Pre-order the double gatefold LP or CD today, and get the digital version immediately!

19Aug, 2016
Original Demos Series #2: Night Birds – out October 7th

In April, we brought you the first installment of our Original Demo Series which Fat Mike outlined in this video. Today, we have a pretty cool second installment to reveal: Night Birds, Who Killed Mike Hunchback? This time around, we have six songs recorded before they ever released a single piece of vinyl! All the songs feature the original guitarist, Mike Hunchback. We’ll be premiering a song from the record shortly, along with the pre-order. Stay tuned, as it’s a limited edition, one-time pressing, out October 7th! For additional details on the recording, read what vocalist Brian Gorsegner has to say below:

Mike Hunchback was Night Birds’ guitarist when the band started, before PJ Russo took over. Our parting of ways was very amicable and we remain close pals. Mike continues to reside in Brooklyn, NY, runs a rad record shop, and plays in a band called Screeching Weasel. These are some demos we recorded in preparation for some of our early records. Two of these tracks are especially interesting, in my opinion, because they contain Mike playing everything and even singing on a pair of tunes he had written for the band. Reminds me a bit of the first Misfits single, Cough/Cool, which I think is what led to us “borrowing” the entire layout to the classic Glenn Danzig Who Killed Marilyn? EP. Good thing this is a limited run, because I think the inevitable cease and desist would have led to making it pretty limited anyway. I suggest buying these things up quickly before Glenn has ‘em melted down and Fat Wreck is forced to have a pair of pants made out of them.

17Aug, 2016
New Get Dead Video!

Get Dead is currently tearing it up on a Western U.S. Tour, in support of their brand new album, Honesty Lives Elsewhere. Today, Fortheloveofpunk is premiering the video for one of the 12 stellar new cuts, “She’s a Problem.” Below, vocalist/lyricist Sam King explains the impetus for the song:

“One of us was in a dead end relationship with a habitual dope fiend. The song is pretty straightforward about the outcome. It’s not meant to seem like you shouldn’t stick it out and try to help another person if they’re sick, but on the flipside, sometimes some people are out of reach and you gotta let them go.”

16Aug, 2016
New Direct Hit video! Touring with PEARS!

Direct Hit’s brand new video is premiering now at Brooklynvegan. Click here to watch the video for “Promised Land,” culled from their first FAT release, Wasted Mind. Below, read about what inspired vocalist Nick Woods to write the song. Then, be sure to catch them live with their new label mates PEARS, as their tour together kicks off tomorrow!

When I started writing “Promised Land,” I pictured a cult on Adderall wandering through the desert, looking desperately, over generations, for something they’ll never find. It’s funny to me how stimulants do that – They give you the feeling of purpose, whether or not that purpose really exists. And I feel like that has some very real parallels to religion, or belief, just these things that make you feel like you’re going somewhere. The only difference is that parents don’t usually share drugs with their kids like they do the Bible, or whatever holy knowledge they pass down. In this song though, that wisdom comes in a pill, which when taken away creates the same kind of terror people feel when their reason for existing is erased. So I guess I’m asking in kind of a cartoonish way how different your drug of choice really is compared to your Church.

15Aug, 2016
Bad Cop/ Bad Cop announce U.S. Tour!

A massive new Bad Cop/ Bad Cop tour with The Interrupters has just been announced! Check out all their dates, including shows with Off With Their Heads, a stop at Riot Fest and more!

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