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29Mar, 2016
Direct Hit signs to FAT!

You’ve probably noticed we’ve been leaving clues for weeks about a new signing to the FAT family. Yeah, well, we’re not great at keeping secrets. Fortunately we can finally make this shit official! (Drum roll, please.) The latest addition to the FAT ranks is… Direct Hit! For those of you not in the know, they’re pretty much the best thing to come out of Milwaukee since Happy Days, Laverne & Shirley, or beer. These Wisconsin pop punkers formed in 2007 and we’ve been fans since their inception. From their very first EP up through their latest LP, Brainless God, released in 2013, these guys have been banging out hits more consistently than Hank Aaron. Direct Hit have some shows coming up with NOFX and Mean Jeans and you can check out their new website to familiarize yourself with their tunes. Expect them to have a new full-length out by Summer too. It’s safe to say that 2016 just got a whole hell of a lot better.

Here’s what vocalist/guitarist Nick Woods had to say about the signing:
“Fat Wreck defined my opinion of what ‘punk’ meant when I was an insecure teenager in the Midwest. So I guess in a lot of ways, as someone who still cares about music 15 years later, the label’s helped define my outlook on life in general. It’s incredible for me to be able to say our band is a small piece of that foundation now.”

25Mar, 2016
Fat Music For Wrecked People: Groez Cruise 2016!

Some call today Good Friday, but today we’re calling it Groez Friday! That’s right, this year marks Groezrock’s 25th anniversary and we’re charting a course for Meerhout, Belgium on April 29th and 30th to celebrate! So hop aboard the Groez Cruise and swing by the Fat Wreck Chords ship to pick up our 2nd exclusive Groezrock 10” comp Fat Music For Wrecked People: Groez Cruise 2016! The artwork is by Horsebites who creates all our Fest 10” comps. The comp itself will have a boatload of new and unreleased songs including one from an unannounced signing! Who could it be?! We’ll also have some exclusive merch and other treasured items from our San Francisco mothership to keep you afloat.

In addition to our store being there, tons of past and present Fat Wreck Chords bands will be taking the stage: Me First and the Gimme Gimmes, face to face, Mad Caddies, Sick Of It All, Less Than Jake, Dillinger Four, Night Birds, Bad Cop/Bad Cop, PEARS Rancid and The Dirty Nil! It’s like a Fat Wrecked For 25 Years show Groezrock style!

We love Belgium and nothing is going to keep us away.

24Mar, 2016
New PEARS Song!

PEARS’ long-awaited second full-length, Green Star, comes out next Friday! But go to New Noise right now to check out a new blast of hardcore punk fury!

22Mar, 2016
Bad Cop/Bad Cop jump the pond!

Bad Cop/Bad Cop are heading to Europe this April in support of their latest effort, Not Sorry. Get all the dates and info here!

21Mar, 2016
Mean Jeans – Nite Vision – Out Now!

Mean Jeans’ brand new EP, Nite Vision, is out now and you can grab it on wax here! This three song 7" features two exclusive B-sides that won’t be on their forthcoming album, Tight New Dimension. If you can’t wait for your shipment to arrive, blast their new release over at Spotify or Bandcamp! Then, get ready to see them tear it up with Direct Hit! and NOFX this April! Ready to party yet? If not, this will most definitely get you in the mood.

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