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16Feb, 2012

You heard it right, Good Riddance are reuniting! Read an exclusive interview with frontman Russ Rankin; and take a peek below at what motivated them to perform again. Click here to check out the bands upcoming European tour dates. Because we’re totally stoked about this, we put all their albums on sale here.

On May 27th, 2007 Good Riddance played our last scheduled show. It was advertised as such and recorded for posterity. Friends and fans traveled from all over to be there and it was a night filled with passion and electricity. In the years since, the members of the group have moved on to raise families, flourish in their respective careers and remain true to many of the band’s original ideals. Since that final show we’ve been asked countless times about getting back together and playing again. We never really considered it an option, seeing as how we’d played our final show (“final” being the key word) and all. When asked why they wanted us back their most common answer was “The songs!
We miss the songs!” As it turns out we miss them as well. After nearly five years, Good Riddance has decided to perform as a band again. The number of shows, when, where and all the other specifics have yet to be determined but for those of us who really missed the songs and those of you who maybe never got to see the band play, there will be Good Riddance shows in 2012 and perhaps beyond. Since that final show we have received offers, as lucrative as they were numerous, to reform for festivals, showcases or various other things. We have turned them all down. This decision has come from an organic desire to play and hear the material again. Many of the factors which drove our initial decision to call it a day are either water under the bridge or no longer relevant to us. We are not trying to compete with anybody, make a living off the band or build a fan base. We just want to play songs which have meant so much to us and so many others.

We look forward to reconnecting with so many of you who made our journey possible as well as perhaps introducing ourselves to an entirely new audience of people who may have heard our records but never saw us play. Good Riddance has always been more than a band. We will also be focusing heavily on promoting and advocating for groups and organizations we support which we believe are key in creating a more just and caring world. We will appreciate any support our fans can offer these groups as we endeavor to stretch our music and it’s power beyond the milieu of simple entertainment. We look forward to seeing you at a show soon.

14Feb, 2012
USELESS ID – Symptoms out today!

USELESS ID’s debut Fat full length is out today! Symptoms is available digitally, on vinyl or CD by clicking here. Hailing from Israel, these punks joined forces with Bill Stevenson and Jason Livermore at the Blasting Room to record 12 blistering tracks. Download “Before It Kills” plus “New Misery” for free, and listen to the entire album now! On March 8th, USELESS ID will play a record release show in their home town of Tel Aviv, Israel! Stay tuned as more tour dates are coming.

Win some free Useless ID stuff!

09Feb, 2012
Listen to a full album stream of USELESS ID’s Symptoms now!

USELESS ID’s new full length Symptoms comes out on February 14th. Don’t say we don’t love you… go here to listen to the full album right now! Download the first single “Before It Kills” for free and order your copy on CD or LP right now!


01Feb, 2012
Dead To Me acoustic set at Ramones Museum!

Dead To Me stopped by the Ramones Museum in Berlin before going to “The” Ukraine, Russia and the rest of their European Tour. Watch the entire performance below and then watch an interview with Ian about his Harshvibes artwork.

25Jan, 2012
126 inches of NOFX: Singles Collection out April 24th!

Alright, here’s the deal. For the first time ever, we’ll be releasing a limited edition NOFX deluxe box set that contains 18 classic NOFX 7”s. Many of these titles have been long out of print, such as Don’t Call Me White, All of Me, Louise & Liza, Timmy the Turtle, Pods & Gods, 13 Stitches, etc. Artwork for each 7” has been spruced up and new vinyl masters have been cut. View the box set cover below and order yours now as the Fat webstore has a ‘special edition’ with each 7” being pressed on a different, special vinyl color. On release day, April 24th, the ‘standard edition’ will be going gold, available in stores. Oh, and I almost forgot to mention that one of the 7”s (a box set exclusive) will be the recently unearthed Thalidomide Child EP recorded back in 1984! You can read more about that release here.



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