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18Apr, 2018
Get creeped out by The Lillingtons!

Alternative Press is premiering a brand new Lillingtons video for the song “Insect Nightmares,” off their latest full-length, Stella Sapiente. Directed by Mario Rivera, this video will prepare you for their unearthly live shows, which commence this evening in Minneapolis. The band will be touring with Make War, and you can view all the dates here! Then, open your mind to their insect friends with this quote from the band below:

“We chose to do a video for this song because we felt it was the most accessible song, both in terms of meaning and musical style. I think the footage sheds additional light on the true essence of ‘Insect Nightmares,’ and gives more insight to someone who might just take the lyrics at face value as just another cheesy B-movie song,”

17Apr, 2018
Strung Out – New Song Premiere!

Hell yeah! Head to the LA Weekly to listen to a brand new Strung Out song! “Requiem” is the second single from their upcoming EP, Black Out the Sky , which hits the streets on May 11th. If you haven’t pre-ordered your copy, grab it here! Next, be sure not to miss Strung Out live. They have a slew of tour dates booked, including a Canadian run with Pennywise, followed by an extensive Australian tour in June. Don’t miss them!

06Apr, 2018
The Bombpops – Dear Beer – Out Today!

Awwww yeah! The official release day of The Bombpops Dear Beer is upon us. If you were wise enough to pre-order the vinyl, you now have a shiny gold 7" in your hands. That’s right…REAL GOLD! Oh… shit. What’s that? We’re just getting word that it’s actually just gold colored vinyl and not real-deal-King-Midas-grade gold. Oh, well…once you hear the songs, you’ll realize it’s just as valuable. Check ’em out here: UPROXX, Bandcamp, Spotify, iTunes, or Youtube (above, duh). Then, get the inside scoop on Dear Beer directly from the band:

Dear Beer is a four-song paradox of darker lyrical content, mixed with poppy melodies. While the songs “Dear Beer” and “Turn Up The Thermostat” are a bit self-loathing and reflect on negative experiences, they have a playful tone to them. “Polluted Skies” is a pop punk love song that takes place among the grit and grime of Los Angeles, and “I Call Bullshit” tells the tale of a best friend turned enemy.

We’re bringing Dear Beer to as many places as we can in 2018, starting with our official record release show on April 14th at The Redwood in downtown LA. We’re headed to Europe twice this year! We’re also hitting Punk Rock Bowling in May for the Fat Wreck Chords showcase and are set to announce more US tour dates soon.”

04Apr, 2018
Listen to The Bombpops new EP, NOW!

We are only a few days away from the April 6th release of The Bombpops new EP, Dear Beer! However, today, you can hear the entire release over at UPROXX! Then, scope out their upcoming tour dates, which include a killer record release show in LA, an appearance at Punk Rock Bowling, and an extensive European run! If you haven’t grabbed your copy of Dear Beer, do so today!

01Apr, 2018
OUT NOW – The Lawrence Arms – We Are The Champions Of The World: The Best Of

As most of you know, THE LAWRENCE ARMS’ new album, We Are The Champions Of The World, came out on Friday. Well, we here at FAT decided to have a little fun with the so-called “Champions” by, uh, creating an unauthorized Easter egg on the album. Okay, okay…maybe it wasn’t exactly on purpose, but who cares? If you dwell on the negative, you only spoil the fun, right? As soon as we shared the news with the band, we asked the illustrious Brendan Kelly to weigh in on the whole thing. Boy, was he game. Thing is, to really sell our Easter egg narrative, we held off posting Brendan’s original statement until, you know, Easter. So, put down the marshmallow peeps for a sec and check it out…

“Greetings, loyal subjects, and welcome to the single most important date in human history: March 30, 2018, the date in which we, The Lawrence Arms, the current champions of the world, release The Lawrence Arms: We Are The Champions Of The World to you, our loyal subjects. And If you like slapdick wordplay like the above lazy syntactical palindrome, you’re gonna love We Are the Champions of the World: a nonstop roller coaster of laughs, tears, sighs, hobos with their flies unzipped, sighs, tears, nonstop roller coasters of laughs, and a whole slew of songs spanning our entire 20-year career.

A zillion thanks to everyone at FAT and to David and Eric for helping this awesome compendium come to life, and also to everyone at Asian Man and Epitaph for allowing all this stuff to exist in one spectacular package. Hey, SPEAKING of spectacular packages….funny story: My dick is so tiny and malformed that your mom almost…..SORRY! That’s the notes for my other speech I’m giving later on this afternoon at the Elks Lodge. Anyway….Some of you have noticed that FAT pulled a real boner and put something on the album that didn’t belong. Well, the good news is that this means that this first Stop-the-presses! Edition of this awesome double album is sure to become a collector’s item, just like that one stamp that’s printed upside-down or that Rollie Fingers rookie Fleer card where his nutsack is accidentally hanging out of his uniform. So that’s what we call an unexpected wonderful outcome. It’s kinda like when you knock yourself out walking into a parking meter, go into a coma and somehow wake up bilingual out of nowhere, or when you end up actually loving the child you never wanted to conceive. Take THAT, my parents!

Secondly, it means that you completists can soon buy the whole thing again, which means more sweet, sweet money for all of us at Lawrence Arms world HQ to spend on more hot tubs and chocolate sauce fountains. The lesson here, folks, is twofold: 1, internet piracy seems like fun now, but it’s only those honest citizens who purchased the album legitimately that now have this soon-to-be priceless, rare, not-meant-to-exist artifact, and 2, The Lawrence Arms are the best band of all time. End transmission. Release the hounds. See y’all on tour.”

Catch The Lawrence Arms on tour starting this week!

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