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16Jan, 2018

GET DEAD are heading to Mexico next month in support of their latest effort, Honesty Lives Elsewhere. Get all the dates and info here!

12Jan, 2018
Introducing – Fat ‘2003’ Classic Color Vinyl Subscription

Rewind fifteen years ago to 2003. Bush Jr. was still in office, but that didn’t stop us from releasing some really great records. Now, we have another clown as the President, so it’s time to re-release some of those classic records from 2003! That’s right…starting today, we are accepting pre-orders for our Fat ‘2003’ Classic Color Vinyl subscription. It includes ten records from 2003, all on a new color vinyl. They will ship to you five times a year, and each shipment will include two records. We’ve also updated the artwork on one particular release to reflect the current shithole idiot in office. The updated artwork will only be available thru this subscription series. As if that’s not enough, the first 400 people who order on will receive a bonus 7” from 2003 as well. Pre-orders end JANUARY 31st, so what are you waiting for? PRE-ORDER NOW!

08Jan, 2018
MEAN JEANS -Jingles Collection – out February 16!

It looks like Mean Jeans buckled down over the holidays and whipped up a whole record featuring 23 jingles! Punk’s history of shilling for companies dates back to the Ramones writing three songs for Steel Reserve, and the Sex Pistols’ Johnny Rotten hamming it up in a butter commercial. In a single weekend, the band wrote and recorded the Jingles Collection, an album that transforms commercial jingles into high art.

Billy Jean elaborates, “We’ve abandoned the previous direction of the band. No one needs to hear another three-chord, pop-punk record about partying. What they need are some sick jingles. We are a jingles band now.”

Out February 16, and available now for pre-order, the Jingles Collection includes everything from Sizzler to Hot Pockets to Applebee’s. Check out the below links to get acquainted with the jingles that started it all and if you can, catch them live, as they’ll be on tour with Dirty Fences later this month!

Coors Light

Mountain Dew



04Jan, 2018
STRUNG OUT “Crows” Digital Single out today!

Happy New Year!!! We’re gonna get you off to a good start with a little something special. “Crows,” the previously super-limited bonus track from Strung Out’s Transmission.Alpha.Delta, is now available for download and streaming on iTunes, Spotify, and all your other favorite digital music sites. This may just end up being your theme song for all of 2018.

21Dec, 2017
Wrapping up 2017!

So long 2017! Today is our last day in the office this year. We released a ton of great records and were able to make sizable donations to five organizations that benefited from the sale of our Not My President t-shirts. You can learn more about each organization by heading here. Additionally, in case you missed it, we were scooped by Fat Mike on a new release for 2018…a brand new Cokie The Clown album! Head to his Instagram feed to read all about it. We want to give a big thanks to all who’ve supported us and our bands in 2017; we couldn’t do any of this without you. Finally, our office is closed for 2017, so any orders placed won’t ship until the new year. We’ll be back in 2018 with a full year of fantastic new records!

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