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17Jun, 2010
Fat Mike imposts his imposter

So there’s this guy, Fat_Mike, who’s been pretending to be me on Tweeter for several months now. I didn’t really pay attention cuz I’m not on any of the other social networks and I figured what harm could it do? Well apparently a lot cuz now this douche has 6000 followers and he’s a total prick. I don’t like someone going around making my bad name even worse. I get in enough trouble with the actual things I say. I don’t need any more help, thanks. So I’ve decided to actually start twitting on my own. This is totally retarded, but I gotta fight fire with…….well, drugs and alcohol. Here I go into the wild world of no privacy and way too much information. It starts here with my first twat:

My Tweeter name is FatMike_of_NOFX and I’m an alcoholic

15Jun, 2010
None More Black set to release Icons in October!

As purported by various news sites and off and on by the band themselves, we have finally gotten word from None More Black that they are nearing completion of their next full length titled Icons! Philadelphia’s Will Yip is at the helm recording Icons and you can read a full account by visiting their studio blog right here! Stay tuned for additional details as we’ll have a release date and cover art soon.

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Other fall releases include new full lengths from Swingin’ Utters, Pour Habit and Smoke or Fire, plus EP’s from The Flatliners and Cobra Skulls! Get stoked and be on the lookout for our CMJ showcase announcement.

07Jun, 2010
New Real McKenzies video! Pre-order it and the Swingin Utters 7" now!

Take a peek at The Real McKenzies performing “Chip” off their highly anticipated acoustic album titled Shine Not Burn out June 22nd! The vinyl for this is limited to 1,000 (300 color, 700 black) Pre-order is available for this release and the Swingin’ Utters 7” titled Brand New Lungs by clicking here. We’ve pressed this 7” in two different colors, one you can grab from our mail order, the other will be available exclusively at the Swingin Utters’ shows. Check their tour dates here.

27May, 2010
Mad Caddies “Consentual Selections" (best of) out July 22

The MAD CADDIES are set to release their retrospective titled Consentual Selections on July 22nd! With 5 studio albums, an EP, and 1 live record under their belts, they were unsure of how to collect their best songs and decided to call upon their fans to vote for their picks. The result is 22 fan favorite hits and to sweeten the pot, the band has included two new tracks. This release will be available on CD, digitally and on double vinyl with a limited pressing of 1,000! In addition, the packaging and booklet boast a track by track commentary written by the Mad Caddies and over 150 photos. Don’t worry folks, this is just a wee thank you from the lads themselves as they aren’t calling it quits! They are currently recording a new album and have tour plans set for this year. Stay tuned for details!

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1: Backyard
2: Leavin
3: No Hope
4: Drinking For 11
5: Mary Melody
6: State Of Mind
7: Falling Down
8: Just One More
9: The Bell Tower
10: Monkeys
11: Days Away
12: Silence
13: Road Rash
14: Whatcha Gonna Do
15: All American Badass
16: Reflections
17: The Gentleman
18: Last Breath
19: Popcorn
20: Tired Bones
21: Preppie Girl
22: Weird Beard
23: Save Us
24: Why Must I Wait

25May, 2010
Cokie the Clown has finally made a statement about his SXSW “piss de resistance” performance!

“Suckers!”. See video below:

Check out TMZ’s stellar reporting on the incident by going here!

Want Cokie the Clown shot glasses? Course you do, click here to get yours!

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