06Sep, 2018
New face to face video!

Today, face to face has a brand new video premiering over at Bluegrass Situation! Head here to watch “All For Nothing” off their latest full-length, Hold Fast (Acoustic Sessions). Then get ready to catch them live at Riot Fest Chicago, and on their upcoming Hold Fast Acoustic Tour! If you need a refresher, listen to it in its entirety, over at Bandcamp, Spotify, YouTube, or Apple.

05Sep, 2018
New Direct Hit Album! New Song! Pre-Order!

There’s a new Direct Hit album on the horizon called Crown of Nothing. Today we’ve got your first taste with the debut of a new song/video! Animated by the talented Walker Dubois, “Welcome To Heaven” showcases Direct Hit’s mastery of sending the listener on a transcendental journey via melody, lyrics, instrumentation, and imagery. It’ll have you tappin’ your toe and ruminating on the afterlife all at the same time. Check out what vocalist Nick Woods said about just how deep the band went with the first new single.

“Welcome To Heaven” sets up the plot for a story this new album tells about Heaven and Hell, and the blurred line between existentialism and nihilism. There’s an angel, whose ultimate reward is vengeance on the now-demon who ended her life, and there’s the place they exist in together where she punishes him over and over again for all of eternity. Walker’s animation introduces where she finds herself after death, and the conflict it creates: How does she find meaning in infinite existence? And how does she transcend a second time?

Will Nick’s questions be answered? There’s only one way to find out… pre-order your copy of Crown of Nothing today. Act fast to get a copy of the limited LP, which comes on color vinyl, with a slipmat, and a magic trick that’ll blow your fragile mind. Of course, the fun doesn’t end there. You can bundle that with a four-issue subscription to an illustrated zine/comic based on the album. But wait, there’s more. Each 24-page issue comes with an alternative version of a song from the album! Phew! Don’t say we never did anything for you.

31Aug, 2018
SWINGIN’ UTTERS – Peace and Love – Out Today!

Don’t miss them on tour the rest of the year!

31Aug, 2018
Listen to the Swingin’ Utters new album, Peace and Love today!

We’re only a day away from the release of the new Swingin’ Utters’ masterpiece, Peace and Love. However, we adore this album so much, we just couldn’t wait any longer to share it with all of you! As with every new Swingin’ Utters album, they gift us a wealth of sounds and styles, in fifteen incredible new songs. We’ve got the new classics that we crave … like the first single, "Human Potential, " and side two gem, “Seeds of Satisfaction.” Exorcise your demons with rockers like “Undertaker, Undertake” and Johnny Bonnel’s anthem of resistance, "Yes I Hope He Dies.” We’re treated to moving ballads that the band has developed a mastery of over the years … like the beautiful Darius Koski-sung “Sirens” and Jack Dalrymple’s moving ode and final letter to a beloved friend, “H.L.S.” There are no wasted moments; every song delivers something unique and compelling. So starting a day early, we recommend spending this long weekend with Peace and Love, the brand new album from our inspiring friends, the Swingin’ Utters. What are you waiting for? Head to The Big Takeover, to listen to Peace and Love now!

Then, read this in-depth interview at Dying Scene. If you want to catch their ardent and impassioned live show, you’re in luck, because they’re touring all year!

09Aug, 2018
New Night Birds Video + Tour Dates!

Roll Credits, the killer new Night Birds album, doesn’t come out until September 21, but we’ve got something to tide you over. The video for “My Dad Is the BTK” is premiering over at Noisey! Directed by Brendan McKnight, the video is generating plenty of early Oscar buzz and earned guitarist PJ Russo his SAG card. Of course they light up the screen, but on stage is where Night Birds really shine. You’ll be able to catch their act in the flesh as Night Birds will be tearing it up with a ton of dates, including a run with Radioactivity, and a stop at The Fest 17!


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