21Feb, 2017
Swingin’ Utters & toyGuitar return to Europe!

Swingin’ Utters and toyGuitar are teaming up to head to Europe this April. Both bands will close out their European run by performing at the legendary Groezrock festival. Check out their tour dates, and info here!

14Feb, 2017
Western Addiction – Flatter and Kiss Valentine’s Day Playlist

Need a playlist for your special lover today? Western Addiction has you covered with not one but 2 Valentine’s Day Spotify playlists! ♥

Here’s Jason from Western Addiction setting up his playlist:

“I realize that a list of “love songs” may sound unusual coming from us considering I’m usually screaming at people, but I’ve actually been thinking about this playlist for quite some time. The only two criteria for the selections were that they would have to resonate with someone who has a working knowledge of punk and it has to elicit a certain “feeling.” Maybe that’s love, who knows. There is some old, some new, and some necessary clichés. Play this for someone special and let me know what I forgot. We wrote our first “love song” called “Red Emeralds” that’s on the new record and we can’t wait for you to hear it.

WA vous aime,


Chad from Western Addiction on his playlist: “Love songs don’t need to be soft and cheesy, though. Here’s a punk rock V-Day playlist”.

Make sure you check out Western Addiction’s new album – TremulousOUT ON March 10th!

10Feb, 2017
The Bombpops – Fear of Missing Out – Out Today!

The Bombpops’ debut full-length, Fear of Missing Out, is out today! Head to Bandcamp, Spotify, or Apple Music to listen to the entire album. Then, snag your copy here! Or better yet, grab one from the band at one of their California record release shows. Read a stellar review or two, then dive into an interview with co-frontwomen Jen and Poli, who give the rundown on how they arrived at FAT. Now, let’s bring it all home by watching their infectious, vivacious, and downright energetic video for their first single “CA in July.”

09Feb, 2017
Direct Hit – DOMESPLITTER REISSUE – out April 14

Direct Hit fans, get pumped!!! On April 14th, we’ll be re-releasing the band’s debut album, Domesplitter. After countless emails, tags, and comments, we’ve heeded your call, and repressed their very first full-length album, complete with brand new (much improved) art! Front-man Nick Woods gives you the rundown:

Domesplitter is the first full-length album we put out. It’s an ‘album’ in the sense that it runs for about a half hour, but really it’s just a compilation of 10 tunes we’d already posted on the internet in the couple years leading up to its original release. The handful of people who knew and cared about our band at the time picked the tracklist out by voting on these slips of paper we mailed with SASEs before we’d even put out a real record. So really, this wasn’t even ‘original’ when it first came out, which makes it pretty fucking derivative now. But if you’re looking for wholly pioneering and groundbreaking punk rock from DH at this point, something’s probably wrong with your brain. Either way, after we signed up with Fat a lot of people started asking us if we’d ever put these tunes back on vinyl again. So that’s what we’re doing here. I still think a lot of these songs hold up. The rest make for great embarrassment fodder when we’re onstage. Show how cool you are by yelling “Living Dead” at us instead of “Free Bird.” We will never play it.

Direct Hit are rolling out with Bowling For Soup this April. Don’t miss it!
09Feb, 2017
The Dirty Nil – Minimum R&B – out April 28th!

What can we say; we love CANADA. Our love affair with bands across the border runs deep. Heck, we admit it…we googled “how to move to Canada” when He Who Must Not Be Named descended to the throne. What say you, Mr. Trudeau? Do you like punk? Anyway, enough lamenting our national tragedy and onto loud, uplifting, soul-fortifying rock ‘n’ roll: The Dirty Nil!

Fresh off a global tour and a JUNO Award nomination, Hamilton, Ontario rock ‘n’ roll trio The Dirty Nil have announced the forthcoming release of Minimum R&B. Comprised of eleven tracks from the band’s stellar singles and EP’s, this collection plays like a greatest hits album. FAT will be your source for Minimum R&B in the U.S. and Dine Alone Records will handle it in Canada and the rest of the sane world.

This month, The Dirty Nil will be kicking off another tour across Canada with Billy Talent and Monster Truck, followed by a string of European dates with The Menzingers and The Flatliners. All the dates and info can be found here!


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