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15Dec, 2005
New site, same assholes running it…

We know how much you all loved the old site and its “dogshit on Easter” aesthetic, but we just couldn’t hold out any longer. Oh, don’t get all nostalgic on us, this new site has some cool shit to offer. Mouse around and check it out. Fat Mike will be hosting podcasts, there’s a new FAQ, and even an e-team to join. One of the neatest things the new site will offer is our Daily Update section in the news which will bring you all the latest happenings on your favorite Fat bands. So yeah, new site. Are you fucking happy now?

Much thanks to Hunter and David from Liberation Media for their patience and talents. They now have our permission to resume with their normal lives.

12Dec, 2005
Lagwagon video for “Heartbreaking Music”!

If our site hasn’t crashed yet it will now! Yep, we got a video from the brand new Lagwagon record Resolve. It’s for the song “Heartbreaking Music” The video was made by these guys that I personally think should call themselves “The Minnesota Twins”, but that’s neither here nor there. The video is an obvious tribute to the late Derrick Plourde, and the guys really did a terrific job on it. Mosy over to the MEDIA section and peep the vid.

12Dec, 2005
Fat bands in the studio!

We have a lot of great new records coming along for 2006 and all the bands happen to be in the studio right now. We must have every place booked in the Northern Hemisphere. Let’s begin with the old favorites: NOFX is presently in Japan taking a break from recording their new, as yet untitled record. This time the guys suckered Bill Stevenson and Jason Livermore into helping out at Motor Studios in SF. Their new full length should be out by April. Up next is The Lawrence Arms, who are also taking a break from the record-making process to read nerdy books and play some shows with Lagwagon. The Larry’s new shit is coming out March 7th and is called Oh! Calcutta!

That’s the faves, now for an update on the future: The Loved Ones are wrapping up with Brian Mcternan and are getting ready to play a few shows “back East”. Their Fat debut Keep Your Heart comes out February 21st. Next is The Sainte Catherines who are about to commence recording with Alex Newport in their hometown of Montreal. Their first record with Fat will be titled Dancing For Decadence and is coming out in March. Also released in March will be Love Equals Death’s new album, Nightmarica, which is gonna be tracked out at the Blasting Room. They’ll also be playing shows with Pennywise and NUFAN soon too. So… how ’bout that R Kelly thing?

12Dec, 2005
Randy now on Fat, video too!

Sweden’s Randy has long been a big favorite of ours at the Fat office, and now we get to put their next record out! Originally our pals at Epitaph were supposed to release it, but we knew we had to get our hands on this Randy record somehow, so we orchestrated a trade. Fat had to give them a couple of our scratch bowlers for next year’s tournament, two cases of Zima, and all rights to future Goober Patrol releases. In exchange we get Jeff Abarta at third base, Fletcher’s home number, and of course, Randy’s new LP, Randy The Band, out January 10th! Pretty sweet trade, eh? And the cherry on top is that it comes with a video.

12Dec, 2005
The Lawrence Arms demo, record, and name their next album!

Chicago’s most nefarious three-piece are ready to bring another baby into the world. Somehow between the black-outs and leg-breakings they managed to deliver a kick-ass demo and we sent the lads right into Atlas Studios. You can see recording updates and pics here, or you can just visit their their website like a normal person. They’re new record has already been titled Oh! Calcutta!, and we’ll release that bad boy in March of 2006. Not much else to report, the Cubs didn’t make the playoffs, Chris McCool is love-starved, and the Bears look terrible (well, they did at the time!). But you dejected Midwesterners need not despair, there’s a new Larry Arms record on the way!

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