20Mar, 2009
Why the bleeps on NOFX: Backstage Passport?

We’d like to set the record straight about the bleeps in NOFX: Backstage Passport. We sent the original tapes for the show to FUSE back in 2007, they digitized them and edited them for TV, and then they “LOST” the unedited masters. After two months of FUSE “looking for them” we decided to move on. Therefore, our only choice was to use Fuse’s edited version for the DVD. We agree, it totally sucks that all the colorful language has been censored, but we’re just glad that the DVD will make Backstage Passport accessible to more people than originally saw it when FUSE aired it…Plus, we did our very best to make up for all that bleeping in the 2 hours of bonus footage—there’s something in there to offend everybody! Hurray!

19Mar, 2009
Pour Habit on Fat Wreck Chords!

Once again, we’ve signed another band from Compton! Well, maybe it’s the first band we’ve signed from Compton…Actually, maybe it’s the first punk band ever outta Compton. Go listen to them here at their MySpace page, and look for album info and a release date back here soon.

17Mar, 2009
NOFX: Backstage Passport out today!

In 2006 NOFX went on a world tour and brought a camera guy. In 2008 Fuse aired the resulting 8-episode television show to rave reviews. Today, for the first time ever you can purchase the entire season on a 2 disc DVD with over two hours of bonus footage that were way too hot and disgusting for TV.

Purchase your copy now:

In honor of the release of Backstage Passport_, *NOFX*’s Wolves in Wolves’ Clothing and "_Never Trust A Hippy": CDs are on sale for $5 in our webstore. This offer is only good for two days, so buy ’em now!

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09Mar, 2009
Pre-Order NOFX: Backstage Passport today!

NOFX: Backstage Passport is out on 2 disc DVD next Tuesday, March 17th, but you can pre-order yours right here, right now. NOFX are crasser, cruder & even funnier in the bonus footage! Check out this never before seen footage from their Jakarta show featuring Fat Mike and about 500 Indonesian cops:

And it comes in a pretty package!:


Fuck Martha’s Vineyard! Order now and get this free sticker that shows your allegience to NFX town:

02Mar, 2009
New Strung Out MP3 & NOFX Coaster track list!

Originally the B-side of their Fat Club 7", the band describes “Lost Motel” as “the most popular song we’ve never had on an album, and it always gets a ton of requests at shows.” It was recorded in 2000, originally released in 2001, and is on Strung Out’s Live In A Dive record. Download it for free right here!

Strung Out, Prototypes and Painkillers, out on LP/CD, March 31st.

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In other exciting news, *NOFX*’s Coaster track listing is online! Check it out here:

1. We Called It America
2. The Quitter
3. First Call
4. My Orphan Year
5. Blasphemy (The Victimless Crime)
6. Creeping Out Sara
7. Eddie, Bruce and Paul
8. Best God In Show
9. Suits and Ladders
10. The Agony of Victory
11. I Am an Alcoholic
12. One Million Coasters

Five bucks if you can guess the main plot line of “Eddie, Bruce and Paul”…


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