17May, 2010
Swingin’ Utters Brand New Lungs 7-inch out June 22

Brand New Lungs marks the first release of new material from the Swingin’ Utters in seven years! The 7” will be available via vinyl and digitally and will feature two songs from their upcoming fall full-length and one exclusive to the 7”. Additionally, we’ve pressed this 7” in two different colors, one you can procure from our mail order, the other will be available exclusively at the Swingin’ Utters shows. Check their tour dates below and stay tuned for details on their upcoming full-length.

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06/11/10 Apple Valley, CA Angel’s Roadhouse w/ Hurry Up and Die
06/12/10 Long Beach, CA INK & IRON FEST w/ Hepcat, Stiff Little Fingers, X
06/13/10 Carlsbad, CA Hensley’s Flying Elephants Pub & Grill
06/25/10 Carson, CA Home Depot Center VAN’S WARPED TOUR
06/26/10 Mountain View, CA Shoreline Amphitheatre VAN’S WARPED TOUR
06/27/10 Ventura , CA Seaside Park VAN’S WARPED TOUR
07/16/10 Portland, OR Dante’s w/ The Cute Lepers
07/17/10 Seattle, WA Funhouse w/ The Cute Lepers
07/18/10 Vancouver, BC Canada Venue 19+ w/ The jolts
07/22/10 Boise, ID The Red Room w/ The Cute Lepers
07/23/10 Salt Lake City, UT Burt’s Tiki Lounge w/ The Cute Lepers
07/24/10 Denver, CO Marquis Theatre w/ The Cute Lepers
07/28/10 San Diego, CA The Casbah w/ The Cute Lepers
07/29/10 Riverside, CA The Vibe 18+ w/ The Cute Lepers, Lost Cabras, Madison Bloodbath
07/30/10 West Hollywood, CA Troubador w/ The Cute Lepers
07/31/10 San Francisco, CA Slim’s w/ The Cute Lepers

13May, 2010
Strung Out “Element of Sonic Defiance” 10th Anniversary Vinyl Release out June 8th! Pre-Order NOW!

STRUNG OUT’s beloved Element of Sonic Defiance is being released on June 8th as part of our Classic Vinyl Series. This release marks the first time it will be available on vinyl and commemorates the 10th anniversary of Element. We’ve got a limited amount of color vinyl available so snatch it up by clicking here, your entire order will ship in June. Take a peek at what Jake and Jordan put together about the release:

The Element of Sonic Defiance was a very special and important album in the progression of Strung Out. We can remember writing it and feeling like we had no limits or boundaries on us and that it was the most dynamic stuff we had written up ‘til that point. It may have seemed like a big change to our fans but it really was an honest extension of a lot of the stuff we were doing on Twisted By Design, as well as our first recording with Chris. At the time it seemed like a lot of people didn’t quite get it, but now it’s become a cult classic to a lot of our fans. It’s for sure an album we’re all quite proud of and we wouldn’t change nothing about it. We’re happy that it’s finally coming out on vinyl for all our fans that still love records.

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STRUNG OUT are heading to Australia in June with The Loved Ones. Check the dates out here!

11May, 2010

For those of you that have recently been hiding under a rock, the 12th annual Punk Rock Bowling Tournament took place this past weekend in Las Vegas. Four days of punk shows, gambling, boozing, various other unmentionable activities, and, you guessed it, bowling. It was the largest field in tournament history (over 200 teams!), as a matter of fact.

So, after 11 years of graciously bowing out in the early rounds of competition, we decided that this year we would actually try. And, naturally, we won the whole goddamn thing! That’s right nonbelievers, 1st fucking place!!! We decimated the hopes and dreams of hundreds of other teams and boy did it feel great. Now we’ve got two 1st place trophies to show off, the one we stole from the Epitaph office years ago, and our very own.

Check out some pics and bask in the glorious glow of the best bowlers in the known universe, The Pin Ladens.

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26Apr, 2010
The Real McKenzies Shine Not Burn Out June 22nd

The Real McKenzies will release Shine not Burn, their highly anticipated, intimate, full acoustic live album on June 22. Check out the tracklist and artwork below.

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1. Nessie
2. Drink the Way I Do
3. 10,000 Shots
4. Pickled
5. Auld Mrs. Hunt
6. Bastards
7. My Bonnie
8. Chip
9. Scots Wha’ Ha’e
10. Droppin’ Like Flies
11. Pour Decisions
12. The Skeleton and the Tailor
13. Best Day Until Tomorrow
14. Bitch Off the Money
15. Get Lost
16. Wild Mountain Thyme
17. Whisky Scotch Whisky
18. Sawney Beane Clan
19. Kings o’ Glasgow
20. Taylor Made II
21. Bugger Off

13Apr, 2010
Flatliners, Cavalcade out today!

The FlatlinersCavalcade is out today and you can order it on CD, vinyl, or digitally via ITUNES by clicking here. We have two free songs available for download and you can get both by going here. The lads can never be accused of sitting on their laurels as they’re currently on tour supporting their release with no end in sight. Check their dates here! Lookie at what Chris from The Flatliners had to say about the release below:

Cavalcade has finally been unleashed. Internet nerds have already heard it. Maybe you have too. Maybe you heard the fake version we put up on torrent sites with cats meowing and high school bands covering Nirvana. If so, gotcha! All of the above are OK. Its out now and we are unbelievably proud of this record and are happy to have it finally officially released. It was a longer process than usual, but we were able to really take our time with it, and include a bunch of our friends in the process this time around.

I saw Fat Mike in San Francisco the other day and he told me that he thinks people will really like it. That made me smile. Then we swapped stories of feeding people our pee, and he sang me his “Pee Song”. Anyways, our new record is finally out and we’re excited. We hope you are too!

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Try your luck in a Flatliners contest here or here!
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Listen to a stream of Cavalcade here.


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