Western Addiction


L - R
Ken - Guitar
Tony - Bass
Chad - Drums
Jason - Vocals/Guitar


It’s 2013 and Western Addiction are back. They never actually broke up; life just starts moving a little quicker after 30 and before you even realize where the fuck the time went, 7 whole years had passed…

A quick history for the uninitiated: The four original members all worked at Fat back in the early 2000’s. They started out as a 3-piece with Jason, Chad and Chicken, releasing their first 7” in 2003, Remember to Dismember. In 2004 they added Ken from Enemy You on lead guitar and released a split EP with Floridian hardcore band New Mexican Disaster Squad. 2005 was Western Addiction’s breakout year as they wrote and arranged a slew of new songs, brought in Alex Newport to produce, and recorded their debut album, Cognicide. A blazing, heavy punk record with undeniable hooks and a shockingly original lyrical slant, Cognicide was released in November 2005 and served as the launching point for 3 short but intense tours: the U.S. West Coast with Propagandhi, Japan with NOFX and the U.S. East Coast with New Mexican Disaster Squad.

Fast forward to 2013 and Jason had a stack of new songs and the need to play music again. He got together with Ken and Chad and began the process, much as the band started in 2003, slowly arranging and rehearsing the new songs.

In August 2013, armed with a handful of fleshed out new songs, they entered Sharkbite Studios in Oakland with Ryan Massey of American Steel at the helm. Like the first 7” in 2003, the band recorded live to 2” tape and with minimal overdubs. The result is the scorching new 3-song 7”, Pines. Coming out exactly 10 years after their first 7”, it’s a new beginning for Western Addiction, with much more to come.

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