Frenzal Rhomb

Photo By: Mike Wylie | Press Photo


Jay - Vocals
Lindsey - Guitar
Gordy - Drums
Tom - Bass

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Back in the mire of the early nineties, from somewhere beneath a pile of wallet chains and cut off army pants, Frenzal Rhomb emerged, their white suburban fingers clutching onto goon casks and bucket bongs and other appropriate paraphernalia. Before too long those fingers wrote riffs and those riffs became songs and their overly-Australian-accented voices sung rhyming swear words on those songs in perfect three-part harmonies. Across the oceans, a large man named Mike heard these utterings, and was vaguely curious.

Fast forward to 2016: Eight albums have been recorded, each better or at least newer than the last. Countless world tours (if you’ve counted them, please let us know for taxation purposes), sharing the stage with everyone from NOFX to Nickelback (that was actually at the same gig). The dubious (if unofficial) honor of being the most hospitalised band in the world–everything from broken drumming arms and detached guitar-playing retinas to an actual pig-borne tapeworm in the lead singer’s actual brain–it’s amazing that Frenzal Rhomb are even here at all, let alone coherent enough to gather together all of their biggest and most (insert adjective here to make them sound better than they are) songs in one BRAND NEW ALBUM FULL OF OLD SONGS!

Frenzal Rhomb isn’t Australian for beer. That was a lie told to Americans to sell records. Frenzal Rhomb is the Australian word for not being smart enough to know when to quit, or that persistent rash that shows up every time you want to impress someone special.


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06/16/17 Perth, Australia Capitol BUY
06/17/17 Bunbury , Australia The Prince Of Wales Hotel BUY
06/22/17 Montebello, QC Canada Rockfest BUY
07/21/17 Brisbane, Australia The Triffid BUY
07/22/17 Gold Coast, Australia Miami Tavern BUY

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